Breaking up with a Sugar Daddy

By Egan

Apr 15, 2017

Maybe you’ve found a relationship on the vanilla side of things? Or maybe your arrangement isn’t mutually beneficial any longer? Whatever the reason, ending any kind of relationship is hard. Here’s a few tips and advice, from my experiences, on breaking up with a Sugar Daddy.

Have a Plan

Sugar Dating is fun, exciting and comes with benefits so when you are ending an arrangements you better have a plan. Whether ending one arrangement or getting out of the bowl completely, having a plan for financial independence is key. It’s easy to get swept up in the luxury of the lifestyle but that’s no excuse not to have a back-up plan.

Know Your Power

Sugar Relationships are hard from a baby’s perspective. It’s easy to forget that you have a say in the relationship too. Catering to a wealthy, powerful benefactor can make an SB feel like it’s their way or the highway. There’s more SD’s out there, more fun to be had and money will always exist but if you’re not happy where you’re at don’t forget you have the option to move on.

Articulate Clearly Why You’re Ending It

Think about and define for yourself why, exactly, you’re ending the arrangement. It’ll make it easier to stand by your decision. Also, it will make it easier on Daddy by giving him a well-defined reason for your break.

Find a Nice but Firm Way to End It

Once you know exactly why you want to end it then you need to find a nice way to say it. Part of the fun of the Sugar Bowl is that it’s easier to be blunt, but no one likes rejection so a little tack is good. The other part of that is you need to be firm in your resolve as well. Example, instead of “I’m not attracted to you anymore” try “I’ve enjoyed our time together but it’s time for me to move on”.

Figure Out the Medium You will Use to Tell Him

For most my arrangements I’ve ended it via text, which I know some say is so cold, but hear me out. The reason I ended things over text is because texting was our primary method of communication. It would have been out of the blue for me to call, also if they are married or work a lot, sometimes a call isn’t feasible. One of my SD’s lived out of state and waiting to see him in person would have been frustrating for us both.

Each relationship is different so use your judgement in determining how you’re going to tell him. Regardless of your method of communication, make sure to actually do it. Ghosting on people is immature and rude. If you’ve had an arrangement with someone be courteous and let them know it’s ending.

Stay Civil

For the most part, arrangements end well and both parties are happy with the time they spent together. Sometimes people catch feelings and it ends up being a little more intense. I always try to part on good terms.

I’ve had a Daddy that caught feelings and when I explained I was ending it he flipped out. Even trying to diffuse the situation didn’t work. However, I stayed civil and let him know he was being rude and I’d be blocking him. It’s natural sometimes for situations to escalate but knowing when to remove yourself is key.

Move On

You made the decision to end things for a reason. Stick to your guns, remember the good memories and the lessons you learned while you go forward to even better things. Even if things ended well, keep some distance between you guys for a while so you can continue on with your lives.

Moving on can be an easy or challenging endeavor, sugar baby. Remember these key points, always look ahead, keep moving forward, and stay focused on things that bring happiness and fulfillment into your life.