Can I Have a Sugar Daddy and a Boyfriend?

By Jasmin

Jan 18, 2016

A lot of people think that having a Sugar Daddy involves only a sexual relationship. This is not the case. A large majority of SD’s on SeekingArrangement actually want a girl who wants to travel with them, spoil them with gifts, take them out to fancy dinners, and on business trips. This in itself involves a lot of commitment and dedication, as quite a lot of your time revolves around this person. But can I have a Sugar Daddy and a boyfriend?

My answer is no. From my personal experience, it’s just like having two partners…the emotional attachment (try to refrain from that), the physical attachment, the traveling. It all becomes a bit too tedious after a while and having a boyfriend to go back home to while all of that is going on will completely drain you!

In some cases however, having a partner and a SD can balance out really well. This will only work if your SD is a very busy man and your arrangement involves meeting up a few times during the month. The reality is, with these kinds of arrangements, it’s highly unlikely that you are one of your SD’s priorities, meaning there is a very slim chance of either of you having some kind of emotional attachment. That makes it easier for you to sustain your relationship with your partner.

Now I know some of you are probably thinking that this is first hand cheating. It really does depend on how you look at it. That’s not for anyone to answer but yourself.  As women, we love the lavish lifestyle, the money, the sun filled holidays and the spontaneous gifts. Simply put, we absolutely love a man that can treat us right. Now, that’s completely up to you on whether you want to let your boyfriend know about your arrangement or keep it a secret, but honestly, my best advice to you ladies is to enjoy your life stress and hassle free!

Many people, when thinking of Sugar arrangements think the most bizarre things, which is understandable. Automatically, they assume that it’s prostitution or anything around that nature, but they fail to see the beauty of what it actually entails. There doesn’t need to be a sexual relationship, it can be strictly platonic, as strange as it sounds. Believe it or not, there are actually men out there who just enjoy female company to join them on their monthly adventures (what’s the harm in that). How I see it is a Sugar Daddy is someone who can mentor you through life, look after your needs, advise you and entertain you. Everyone in life would absolutely dream to have someone like that, but as SB’s, it’s laid out flat for you on a table!

If you feel guilty about having a partner and a Sugar Daddy, just remember that many of these men online may have wives/partners of some sort, not that it makes the situation any better, but it’s just a bit of reassurance. As I said before, it just depends on how you take it and the type of mentality you have towards this situation.

Many of you reading this are probably going through this right now. Relax. Breathe. It’s not as serious as you’re making it out to be, I promise you! Just enjoy the fabulous, lavish life that you’re living (whatever the arrangement may be) and everything will fall into place eventually. Many girls would love to be in your shoes right now. You’re in control of your life and whatever you think is right for you. Your situation is in fact right for you and only you.