Coast to Coast Sugar Daddies

By Trina

Jan 06, 2017

In life, you may run into a myriad of people from all over the world. However, I find the particular differences in specific areas of the United States the most fascinating. Here we all are, living together in this small, relatively new country–and every corner of it seems to have it’s own culture, accent, and beat. Just like people from Montana and Florida walk, talk, eat and behave differently, Sugar Daddies from different coasts have very distinct behaviors and tastes, as well. Here are the key differences between coast to coast Sugar Daddies.

East Coast Daddies

These Sugar Daddies can tend to be intimidating to some, if not most, Sugar Babies, as well as people in general. This man goes toe to toe with the titans of the metropolitan area, so he’s probably one tough, smart cookie. Rest assured whatever you do with him, it will be lavish. But an East Coast Daddy want a luxurious girl with a mind, who knows how to swing from a vixen to serious conversation partner at the drop of a hat.

West Coast Daddies

West Coast Daddies tend to be much more laid-back than the East Coast ones, preferring to frequent hotspots and posh lounges rather than galas and black-tie-affairs. These Daddies are looking for one of two types: The beachy, carefree, adventurous girls who aren’t afraid to let their hair down, or the bleach blonde, pinup bombshells that L.A. boasts.

Southern Daddies

These Daddies tend to be the most polite, often showering girls in sweet gifts and compliments, to boot. Most of these Daddies tend to be wealthy Southern gentleman, who would like a girl in a sundress as their main arm candy. Make sure your makeup reflect the “natural, girl-next-door” look for these sumptuous southern showmen.

Pacific Midwest Daddies

These Daddies are probably the outdoorsy-type, and are most likely more down to earth than other Sugar Daddies you’ll find out there. If they’re located near Portland or Seattle, they may be in the technology field or own a startup of some sort. This may mean they’re new money, which has it’s perks, but is also a cause to approach with caution. Grab your lululemons and get ready to hike with these SD’s.

Midwest Daddies

These Daddies are much less extravagant than the West Coast and East Coast ones, but they’re also much easier to find and marginally less close-minded. The SD’s of New York and L.A. approach everything with caution and are much, much pickier than a Midwest Daddy. Try suggesting some fun Wintertime activities, or trips to a lake in the Summer. They may not splurge on vacations, but you can bet you’ll receive a steady allowance.

Southwest Daddies

Texas, New Mexico, Arizona…these Daddies aren’t afraid of a rattlesnake or scorpion, here or there. There are the SD’s you’ll find in high over-prices cowboy boots and a giant, gleaming belt-buckle. A trip to the rodeo may be in store for you, or some sort of desert excursion. The key to hanging with these Daddies is to exhibit fearlessness, grit, and an unabashed love of food. You may find yourself at high-end steakhouses very often.

International Daddies

How could we leave out the most exciting SD? The one with an accent and a desire to explore your home land. These Daddies want to locate genuinely interesting sites, rather than tourist hot-spots. But there are so many flavors of International Daddies out there, how could we possibly fit them here? Stay tuned for Part 2, types of International Sugar Daddies.