How to Communicate with a Sugar Daddy

By Andrew Guerra

Dec 28, 2016

To become a Sugar Baby, you need to be able to communicate. I’ve included some major tips below for how to communicate with a Sugar Daddy. These will be beneficial for you on your road to Sugar success!

Be Educated

Men who opt to be Sugar Daddies are good at making money. They are intelligent, so a woman near should match them. Conversation flows naturally when you are educated on many topics. Have knowledge of current events and theories. Your duty is to offer what his job (and maybe his spouse) can’t.

That means having something other than Instagram to talk about. Listen to podcasts, read news (not TMZ, like real news) and have interesting things to discuss. Find out what he’s interested in and then educate yourself on those topics to prep for your next conversation.

Know Your Place

Cash-rich men seek a spark. Spontaneity, impulsiveness, vivid emotions; they want to escape the boredom of mundane lives. So keep him your top priority when you are together. Offer ideas if there is an opportunity, but never be demanding of his time.

Moreover, be reasonable and respectful. Always say thank you, whether it’s dinner or Dior. Don’t ask overly personal questions. Let him open up to you naturally, but don’t be afraid to open up to him. Not with the drama of your life, but with your feelings and aspirations. This will help build a connection.

Stay Sweet

Try not to complain about your own struggle and focus on being an outlet of positivity. Instead of calling him to complain about an extra bill, start with a sweet text message saying how you were thinking about him. Then when you do need some help he won’t mind providing.

Another example of staying sweet is to remain cool and not act like a girlfriend. If he cancels your date, don’t make a fuss about it. Take things with dignity and understanding, and always offer to help reschedule. Knowing that you want to see him is important for maintaining your bond.

Natural Feeling

Often times the guys with lucrative carriers are fed up with theatrical divas. They want to enjoy an outing or date that revolves around having fun. He might be the CEO at work, but he could miss the feeling of being treated as an ordinary human.

Show interest in his personality and don’t focus only on material things, especially not at first. Asking for money or gifts too soon is one of the cardinal sins of Basic Sugar Babies. Build trust and a relationship, and you won’t have to ask.

A Little Mystery

Do not reveal all your cards immediately. Any man is a conqueror by nature. He doesn’t desire available girls who are always texting and calling. Don’t ignore him, but also don’t hesitate to wait a few hours before returning a “Good morning” text.

Let him discover something new in you every time you are together. As long as he is hyped when you are near, the bond will become stronger. Stay prudent and do not rush into an arrangement. Help him understand that you take time to conquer, and you’re not easily impressed.

Support Your Daddy

Stay supportive and positive for your man always. It doesn’t matter how rich or prosperous a Daddy is, he must be aware of support and value you add to his life. Demonstrate that you’re on his side and try not to point out his flaws. Praise from a woman is a paramount motivation for men.

Maintaining Sugar relationships requires you to use your wisdom and charm when communicating. Stay open and stay focused on why you entered the Sugar Bowl.