Confessions: Why I Sugar as a College Student

By Harana

May 21, 2018

When I’m not my Sugar Baby alter-ego, I’m a full-time college student with a heavy double major course load. I wake up, take the public transportation, attend my classes, submit my schoolwork, come home, and sleep to do it again the next day. I’m a living, breathing human being. I am living off my parent’s income. If that wasn’t enough to make me consider Sugaring, I don’t know what is.

My Situation

The tuition is a bit easier to worry about less. But the little things like going out and eating good food every now and then (something that never fails as a de-stressor) is a little harder to relax about. Should you spend some of your allowance on that slice of cake? Should you buy your second tube of pricey, good-quality mascara because you know the one at home won’t last for another month anymore?

It was like a heavy debt plastered on my forehead. Something that I thought about almost constantly as long as I wasn’t making my own money. With a lot of researching and constant profile editing, I was all set to slide down into the Sugar Bowl. What a thrill it was when I did earn my first few times and saw just how beneficial the advantages were.

The Money, duh!

No brainer there. The reason Sugaring is such a heavily stigmatized side-job is the misconception that all Sugar Babies sell their bodies. Which is not true. The biggest advantage Sugar Babies will have is the penchant they have for the finer things in life and the keen eye in spotting so. Nothing screams desperation more than agreeing to low prices and sexual activities in the first or for every meet-up. These successful men would tend to desire their equivalent – a lady of class, intellect, and style. Once they see that in you, expect to come home with a wallet a little heavier than yesterday.

Your Communication Skills Grow

Everything from your wording and phrasing to the pictures you put up on your profile already says so much about you. The way you present yourself to the “daddy market” will never be permanent. You’ll find that you would always need to tweak a few things to make sure your personality is your strongest weapon in landing the initial meet-up and weeding out the Daddies you wouldn’t have liked anyway. These potentials want to make sure they’ll be establishing a good enough negotiation to get their end of the deal and to spend quality time with beneficial people. Sound similar enough to the professional world doesn’t it.

You Get Used to a Lifestyle

Be it the number of times you have dined in a fancy restaurant or the number of times you have set foot in a good pair of expensive heels, the sugar baby lifestyle is a cup of tea for those who crave the elegance and convenience it gives. You tend to get used to being a vision of beauty and aesthetic. Not only that, you start to learn which fork to use for salad or for the main course. You get more exposure to the higher class culture and the self-indulgent things you were missing out on. Spending time with worldly, opinionated, successful men is something that slowly eases its way into your schedule until you find it strange no more.

You Carry Yourself Higher

I’ve yet to meet a Daddy who liked their Sugar Babies slouching, slobby, and unhygienic. The nervousness felt in Sugar Dates is the strongest. Even the most experienced babies feel time to time. Yet, you stand tall, use feminine behavior to your advantage, and speak with a clear voice. They are expecting to get their end of the deal. That doesn’t completely rid you of the freedom of being firm and assertive. You still make the final call on your decisions. Make sure the date you are with does not overstep their boundaries. You are an attractive person so start carrying yourself like one.