Creative Date Ideas

By Julia Jones

Feb 27, 2019

Do you and daddy always go to dinner or a movie? It’s fun and it’s great to spend time with him, but let’s be honest it can get old fast and it can start to feel like you’re stuck in a routine, right? As much fun as it is hanging out with daddy you don’t want it to feel like a routine or like it’s “always the same old thing” but what can you do about it? Well, why not suggest some of these ideas to daddy to mix up your date nights and get out of that regular date night rut!

Local historical sites

Check out the local history in town and find out all the old gossip! You’d be amazed what kind of stuff went down in the town you live in. You never know there might just be a book on it which would make an awesome read for you and daddy to share which will not only give you two a hobby but it will also give you something to do on a future date night.

A scavenger hunt

Use to find a scavenger hunt in your location or to create your own! Either way, it’s not only free but it gives you a chance to get to know your area and find gems you never would have known existed! Do it together or get competitive and see who can find the most amount of stuff in the shortest amount of time, and of course, make sure the winner gets something special!  

Strippers or even a burlesque show

Depending on where you live, stripping may not be legal so of course, I’m not going to suggest you go out and find some, but if strippers are an option, take daddy to see some and make it a surprise! If you can’t find any in your area, look around for a local burlesque show and go for that!

Just remember, even though I have the two grouped together here, they are very far from the same thing!

A tarot card reading

Whether or not you believe tarot card readers are legit, they are a fun thing to get into! Take the time to go out with daddy and get your cards read, you never know how accurate they may be and even if the reading doesn’t take long, it is an awesome way to get the conversation flowing with daddy and something you guys can talk about for hours! It’s also a really fun date to do a couple of times a year so that you two are able to assess the past and the current readings!      


Make daddy serenade you or maybe you can go the other way around, either way, it will be a blast and you two will both be able to get out of your comfort zone with a song you wouldn’t normally sing!

Hot air balloon ride

I mean, who doesn’t want to go on a hot air balloon ride in the warm summer months?

A weekend away to a town nearby  

Get away from the entire city and explore a new one for a weekend! It’s a great way to see whats around, get to know the area near by, and to spend the weekend with daddy not having to worry about running into anyone (if that is a concern for the two of you). It’s also a great way to travel on a budget!

A movie theater all to yourselves

Okay, so this is a classic date, right? A movie, maybe some dinner before or after, you know the drill but what isn’t run of the mill about it is the fact that you two could rent out the entire movie theater. I mean, that’s something right out of the movies.

A shooting range

Take daddy out to a shooting range and let the puns fly about! It’s a great hobby and a fun skill to have while taking some learning and dedication. It feels great to be able to get good at it, and even if you never plan on having a gun at home, it’s still fun to take a couple of shots at a target.