Cultivating Sugar Baby Confidence

By Ava Kinsey

Jul 06, 2016


“Arrogance is when you think you’re better than someone else. Confidence is knowing no one is better than you.”

Whether you’re going on a first date, pitching an idea in a business meeting or trying to get behind the red velvet rope― confidence will determine your success, while arrogance will stifle it. You’ve heard the term “fake it till you make it” right? While it does carry some validity, a false bravado can only get you so far. Let’s discuss cultivating Sugar Baby confidence, so you can get all you need while remaining humble.

The Mirror Exercise

Let’s be honest here: our bodies are often difficult to love and be kind to. Almost everyday there is something new we don’t like; a wrinkle here, a bulge there and my goodness is that cellulite?! Maybe I’m only speaking for myself, but the truth is I’m not alone in forgetting my body is beautiful. When you forget just how beautiful and sexy your body is, it’s time to do this exercise.

Stand naked in front of a mirror and look at yourself. Turn around, look at your backside as well. Proclaim all of the things you love about your body. Say them loudly over and over again. You cannot move away from the mirror until you’ve named at least ten things and are feeling more confident about your physical appearance. I do this daily, and as someone with body dysmorphia this has helped me to love my body. Feeling comfortable and loving your body will change how you carry yourself, the way you move and your body language, which is essential for closing a deal or discussing an allowance. Not to mention, life is a whole lot more fun when you genuinely love the way you look.

Invest In Your Mind

One more time for the people in the back, invest in your mind. What you put into it is what your thoughts become, and what your thoughts become ultimately control how you see yourself and interact with others. Invest in personal development books, listen to motivational speeches and read blogs focused on knowing your self worth. As you begin to transform your thoughts your insecurities will begin to fade away. As your insecurities fade so does arrogance, entitlement and self doubt.

Your mind is your most powerful asset and should be treated as such. Read ten pages of a personal development book before going to sleep each night. Start your day by listening to motivational speeches while you’re getting ready. Set aside time everyday to focus on what your insecurities are and work on changing them; get to the root of them and extinguish them by investing in your mind. When you know who you are and what you deserve you’re less likely to get taken advantage of, to settle, and to allow yourself to be treated poorly.

Shut It Down

When you’re out with friends and someone begins to make fun of someone else, shut it down. Insecure people make fun of others, confident people appreciate what makes someone different or unique. Point out how beautiful other women are, or the impressive style another man has and let your words only speak positivity. When you begin to think you’re not tall enough, funny enough, intelligent enough, shut it down.

Replace those thoughts with “I am enough” and repeat it over and over again. You are enough. You are more than enough. A confident person has no room in their life for negativity, they shut it down and replace it with growth and positivity. You no longer have room in your life for negativity, only growth and positivity. Confidence and success are now your only options, you’ve shut down any other possibilities which means your only outcomes will be what? Confidence and success.

I can promise you: as you become more confident, you’ll attract better Daddies, better opportunities and your quality of life will vastly improve. You deserve to have the perfect arrangement and all your desires, so project that air of confidence into the world.