When to Cut the Cord with a Sugar Daddy

By Zenya Rose

Oct 17, 2017

Anthony and I had a decent arrangement while it lasted. In the six months we spent together I had a modest monthly allowance. We had weekly visits that in time I grew to dread instead of look forward to. Our personalities clashed often and I found myself having to tip-toe around his sensitive ego, bruised by his mid-life crisis. I was totally and completely over it. This is how I knew when to cut the cord with a Sugar Daddy gone salty.

When Your Daddy Doesn’t Understand Boundaries

In any arrangement you are bound to grow close, but Anthony had a problem understanding that NSA goes both ways. I was discrete in order to accommodate his marriage, but that was not the only reason. I was also discrete because I had my own life. He was not someone I seriously wanted to be seen with as a partner out and about. Anthony would text me and ask what I was up to. If I said I was hanging out with my roommate or out with a friend he would ask to tag along. I would always respond with a stern no. Anthony always took it personally that I didn’t want him to meet my friends. If that wasn’t enough, he’d regularly ask for threesomes with me and my vanilla friends. HELL NO. We both know that Anthony would never invite me over for a Sunday afternoon with his wife, kids and neighbors at his pool. But when it came to intruding into my life he couldn’t understand why I didn’t want a man pushing 40 hitting the bars with us.

He Isn’t That Great of a Friend

If I was on my period, Anthony would cancel plans entirely. He liked to pretend he was this soft, sweet, gentle guy that was understanding and different. But he just wanted to get in my pants like many others. I had recently went away on a trip and we had plans to get together for lunch. I was going to tell him all of my stories and catch up. He asked if I wanted to come over to his place and I said sure. Being on my period was brought up and he vetoed the entire date. No meal, no hanging out, nothing, and not because I didn’t want to. But because period sex creeped him out. If every meeting is based off his ability to get some, is that a friendship at all?

Anthony pushed the friend narrative a lot in order to get more involved in my social life. I blame it on the midlife crisis. However, there is no doubt in my mind that he wasn’t aware of what he was doing. In our arrangement we were 100% honest. I had a FWB that I was regularly seeing and wanted to date. If Anthony asked what I did that weekend, I would tell him if my FWB came over. Sometimes he’d give me guy advice. I think Anthony honestly wanted to see himself as an unattached, 20-something year-old guy with no responsibilities. After a while he started asking why I had a FWB at all when I could just call him. This is a man that goes to bed at 10pm. He wasn’t going to answer a 2am booty call, on top of that what would he tell his wife? And on top of all of that sex with Anthony wasn’t my first choice.

Stale Sex

I am not going to delve into our sex life. Suffice it to say it wasn’t the best but at the beginning of our arrangement I truly enjoyed his company. I didn’t mind the sex being a little meh. In an effort to make it a little bit more enjoyable for myself I made suggestions. I was ready and willing to try new things and spice things up. Sex is a two way street, it’s not good if only one party enjoys it. Anthony vetoed everything I offered. He simply was not interested in anything outside of what he liked. That was the last straw for me. If someone isn’t willing to give then there is no room to grow. I ended things with Anthony for a second time.

At the end of the day, the words mutually beneficial mean serious business in the Sugar bowl. Sure the job of a Sugar Baby is a little bit more accommodating than most, but if you find yourself in a similar situation I suggest you get out. You’ll come to find, as I did, that the money is absolutely not worth it if your Sugar Daddy isn’t sweet.