When Daddy Becomes Too Busy

By Ms. M

Sep 28, 2017

Jackpot!  After endless searching, meeting and screening a few potential Sugar Daddies, you have found one who seems great.  You both agreed on an arrangement and it seems to be working out.  You enjoy being with each other no matter what’s on the Sugar agenda.  Daddy appreciates your time and attention and he shows you just how much with generous gifts and a nice weekly allowance.  You appreciate his thoughtfulness and company and you show him that by being available when you can.  Everything is perfect.  But what do you do when Daddy is becoming less and less available for dates but doesn’t want to end the arrangement?

It Starts Out Slowly

Everything is going as planned but Daddy starts to regularly cancel Sugar time.  At first it was a missed dinner date now and then.  This week he had to pencil in a few unexpected meetings at the office. Then the next week he has a conference out of town so he can’t make the concert he invited you to attend with him.  And the following week he tells you he just need to rest because he is so tired from the hectic schedule changes and he has company coming in to visit.  That’s at least five dates he’s bailed on in just a month.  You start to wonder if he wants to end the arrangement for some reason.  What’s going on?

Just Ask

You can’t think of any reason Daddy might want to end the arrangement when things were going so well.  You ask him if he’s considering changing the relationship and whether he has the time for a Sugar Baby.  He tells you he is sorry about all the cancellations and he wants to continue being with you.  And to show his good faith, he gives you your agreed upon allowance for the times he’s missed and a little extra Sugar Money.  Daddy says he is not sure what his schedule will look like for the next few months but he wants you to be available for the times he is free.  He is still giving you the weekly allowance even though he’s not sure if he can meetup.  Do you keep your schedule open?  Keep yourself readily available for that date that may never happen?

Weight the Options

You may be a little down because you’re not going to as many nice dinners and concerts anymore.  No more tropical getaways or ski weekends.  You could go back to your pre-sugar days and carry on life as normal.  But try not to get yourself down while you’re waiting and hoping Daddy has free night this week because you miss your time together.  One option is to start your search all over again to see if you find another great arrangement.  Keep your fingers crossed; it could happen!  Another option- take some time for yourself to start crossing off some of those bucket list items.  Remember, you do still have the extra income.  Here are a few ideas for things you can do with your new free time. Take out a map and plan a trip.  There are so many places to see; go see some.  Or start writing that business plan you’ve been meaning to get around to.  Do some research on entrepreneurship and get the plan in motion.  Another idea: redecorate.  Make your space more comfortable for yourself.  There are great ideas for home interior designs and Feng shui at elledecor.com.  Or how about writing a blog for the Sugar Forum?  There a lot of Sugar Sisters out there looking for advice and ideas on every topic from daddy dating to refreshing your sugar wardrobe.  Reach out to us!

There are millions of things to do to occupy your time while Daddy takes care of business.  Make it meaningful and fun.  Whatever you decide to do, keep a positive attitude about the sugar life and everything else.  Make the most of every sweet opportunity that comes your way.