How to Date the Awkward Daddy

By NobodysWife

Apr 24, 2018

There are many different reasons why men decide to become Sugar Daddies. One of them can be that regular dating has never been easy for them. Combine that with a busy lifestyle. Finding a woman to spend time with under ‘regular’ circumstances may seem next to impossible. The convenience of a site that provides clear guidelines and a set dating format is crucial. Finding a site that encourages straightforward communication and clarity has natural appeal for men like this. These tips are for once you’re off SeekingArrangement and are face-to-face with him. How do you help ease your date’s nerves and ensure that time spent is enjoyable for both of you? Read on to learn how to date the awkward daddy.

How to Read Him

Is your Sugar Daddy struggling to make eye contact? Or making excessive eye contact as if he’s trying really hard to read you? Do his facial expressions and body gestures seem awkward and to not always make sense? Does it feel like he turns to you for social cues as to how to behave? Is this especially around other people such as waiters and store clerks? Does his speech pattern seem odd and different? If so, he may not have the same social skills as you. He may be struggling to act ‘normal’ in a situation that is far outside his comfort zone. This can be stemming from a wide range of things from social anxiety to autism.

Stay Calm and…

Once you have picked up on a few awkward moments and realize this you may need to adjust your own behavior. Take a breath. Try to stay as relaxed a possible. This will, in turn, help your date feel relaxed. It will also prevent things from spiraling into an anxiety-filled frenzy. Don’t react to his odd behaviors. Avoiding doing so will help him know that you are completely comfortable with who he is. It also saves him a little awkward embarrassment. If something does happen that requires a reaction, such as him dropping something or getting food on his clothes, don’t ignore it. Respond to it as casually as possible.

Don’t Take Over

Is listening to him order his meal so painful that you want to do it for him? When someone asks him a question, do you cringe inside waiting for his awkward reply? Are you unsure as to whether or not he can actually read the menu? Let him be. Unless he specifically turns to you for support or asks what kind of wine you’d recommend. Just take another breath and practice that virtue called patience. You don’t want him to feel undermined by you or inadequate in any way. Show your Sugar Daddy that you believe he can take care of you and not that you think it’s the other way around.

Exposes Your Weaknesses

Allowing your Sugar Daddy to see the real you will help him feel closer to you and more comfortable around you. You don’t need to share your darkest, deepest secrets or your whole life story. However, exposing a cute quirk about yourself will make you seem more human to him and make it easier to find common ground.

Be Straight Forward

Awkward Daddy may struggle to read body language, facial expressions, and subtle cues. So you need to use your words. What seems obvious to you may be far from obvious to him. “Donald dear, I love hugging you. But when we’re in public I feel awkward about the length of the hugs you give and where your hands go. I guess I’m not super comfortable with PDA. Do you think we can save our lust for each other until we’re in private?” Refrain from commenting on his interaction with others. The Maître D’ will eventually get over that handshake on his own.

Talk it Out

Not sure what he’s thinking or how he’s doing? It can be just as hard to read the Awkward Daddy as it is for him to read you. Check-in. Ask if the date is going as he had hoped and if he is enjoying himself. Ask him what his fantasies are and how he likes to receive attention and affection.

Educate yourself on his interests and passions so you are able to have a conversation with him about them. The more things you are have to talk about, the less awkward things will be.

Have Fun

If you’re not having fun, neither will he. Tell him what excites you. Suggest activities that you think will be fun for both of you. Do your best to ensure that you both enjoy your time together.

And if things are just way too awkward for anyone’s comfort after several dates, let it go. This probably isn’t the right arrangement, and that’s ok.