Dating (Much) Older Sugar Daddies

By Elle

Jul 11, 2016


After several years in the Sugar Bowl, I know exactly what my preferences for a Sugar Daddy are. Perhaps I’m unusual, but I’ve found that I strongly prefer Daddies on the older side—that is, 55 and up. Here’s why I stick to dating (much) older Sugar Daddies. 

Now, I know what you’re thinking. “What will it be like having sex with a guy who could be my grandpa?” or “He was born during World War II— what will we even talk about?” At first, it can be odd exclusively dating guys who are older than my dad. When I went out with my first older SD, who was 69 when we met, most people mistook me for his granddaughter—or even his great-granddaughter! But over time, I realized that there are many benefits to entering arrangements with men on the mature end of the spectrum. Now, I wouldn’t even consider a SD under 55!


This isn’t to suggest that all Daddies only want sex, but I’ve found that older SDs are more interested in other activities outside the bedroom. Their bodies just can’t handle constant sex. That means more shopping trips, museum visits, nice dinners, and exotic vacations for you! While a younger guy might be interested in trying lots of new and, ahem, adventurous things in the bedroom, a 55+ man typically will want to stick to the basics. He’s perfected them by this point!


Sugar daddies over 55 tend to have more financial stability and flexibility. By this point in their lives, most either own their own companies, or at least are very high-up in someone else’s. This leads to both a greater amount of flexibility in his schedule, as well as in his budget. If you want that $5k and up allowance, chances are it might be hard to convince a younger guy to go for that. They likely have younger children to support, as well as an ex-wife or two. Older SDs have fewer financial ties and therefore more room to help you get the allowance you’ve always wanted.


My favorite thing about dating “senior” Daddies is their confidence and maturity. These men have spent years dating around, so they have finally figured out exactly what they want—and they aren’t shy about going after it! Many SDs say that they “don’t want any games,” but I’ve found that most don’t really mean it. Older SDs are the exception. They’re not afraid to take you out on a real first date, and if all goes well, by the end of it you will have yourself a full-blown arrangement. There’s no drama, no attempts to lowball you, no asking for a “test drive.” When these gentlemen find a woman worth keeping, they know how to make her an offer she can’t (and won’t want to) refuse!
So what are you waiting for, babies? Get out there and hook yourself a silver fox Sugar Daddy!