Deal Breakers for Sugar Daddies

By Brook

Dec 17, 2015

If you’ve ever been ghosted on by a Sugar Daddy, this is the blog for you. There are plenty of little deal breakers that can send your arrangement into the Salt age. Here’s the main deal breakers for Sugar Daddies you need to try and avoid.


From the first date to the last, you should have a polished appearance. That means arriving with hair and nails done, but also putting your napkin on your lap when you sit down and not getting your food too far off your plate.

Cleanliness doesn’t stop at the restaurant, it becomes a bigger factor once you’re dating and he comes to your home. Bathrooms and kitchens need to be in pristine condition. Get it professionally cleaned if you don’t have confidence you can make the place shine. Your place should be a reflection of a put together person, so wipe off the toothpaste spots on the mirror.

Overly aggressive

Biologically, men want to be the hunter and want to go after their prey.. er.. dates. Make him work for it a little, since throwing yourself at him might be a sign of desperation, or in guy-speak, “being crazy.” The goal is to make him think you’re not crazy (girl, I know you are, me too).

However, there are situations in which an overly flirtatious attitude can benefit you. What one man might consider coming on too strong, another man might like, so you need to feel him out and reciprocate his actions.

Money Hungry

Especially once you’re comfortable with a guy, it can be easy to transition into being more entitled to things. After he starts spoiling, what’s wrong with asking for more, right? Wrong. You need to be overly appreciative, and try not to ask for things unless you really need them. The less you ask for, the more likely you are to get everything you ask for, if that makes sense.


Being that you’re probably on the younger side, immaturity can be a tough hurdle to conquer. My trick for this one is acting mature even when I know on the inside I want to stick out my tongue and scream.

Do what you imagine a mature 30 or 40 year old doing when you feel yourself getting a bit juvenile. Ideally he wants a mature person, who isn’t asking for the same things (marriage, kids, a traditional relationship) that women of a certain age are usually after.


If the steak was overcooked or he’s late, it can be instinct to make a snarky comment or slight complaint about the situation. I call it bitching. I’m a huge bitcher, so especially on a date with a POT, keep it to a minimum and try to have a generally positive time.

Men need you to stroke their masculinity, their ability to provide, and their egos so he knows you’re happy to be around him. Tell him frequently, and try not to make him feel bad for anything, since time with you is supposed to be a break from stress.

Maybe he’s just not into you.

There comes a time in every Sugar Baby’s life when she goes on a magical date with a POT who never calls again. You may never know why, but provided you’re not an immature, untidy, overly aggressive, gold digging bitch, he’s probably just not that into you. Accept it and move on to the next.