How to Deal with the End of an Arrangement

By Avianna

May 04, 2018
If there is one thing certain in the Sugar Bowl, it is that you will part ways with at least a few of your sugar daddies at some point and that this arrangement most probably will become stale at some point. Unfortunately, most things come to an end, even the sweet. I have come to this point many a time and usually try my best to bring the arrangement back to life but I have learned that it isn’t always possible and that is okay. I used to feel like a failure and I used to blame myself, believing that I let my sugar daddy down but it fact it is a two-way street and both parties play a role.

Sensing It

How do you feel about the arrangement? How do you imagine your sugar daddy feels? Are you happy? Is your sugar daddy happy? What are your instincts saying? How natural and fluid is the communication? These are all crucial questions to ask yourself when pondering if the arrangement is becoming stale or not. If it is, think about whether it can be salvaged or not.

Saving It

If it can be salvaged, try new things to give the arrangement new life. Suggest fun and sexy video calls, send some photos, make things fun again, or perhaps, prohibit communication for a week or two to give you both a break.


At this point, it may be a good time to get feedback from your sugar daddy by asking him what he would like. This can also be a good opportunity to tell your sugar daddy what you would like too. It can serve as a great chance for both of you to re-establish or re-negotiate the arrangement.

Holding It

However, if it comes to the point of it ending soon it can be tempting to hold on and hope for the best. However, it can be exhausting. I held on to an arrangement for over a year, believing my sugar daddy would rebegin our arrangement. Instead, I just wasted my time and my hopes. I advise staying calm and holding your own. Don’t turn something that once was sweet-sour out of frustration.

He’s Just Not That Into You

If your sugar daddy wants you he will let you know. You won’t have to wonder. And so, if you feel left out in the cold it may be because you are. Instead of denying it and lying to yourself it may be more helpful to accept it.

Accepting It

With this, it is very important to accept reality and move on. Don’t delude yourself. It is very difficult to accept the end of an arrangement but accepting it means you’ll be ready for other opportunities. It is a skill you learn and once you become better at over time. Let go and let better sugar come your way.

You Are Fabulous

Remind yourself how gorgeous and valuable you are. Take new photos, update your profile and attract your best arrangement yet!