Dealing with a Divorced Sugar Daddy

By Lexie

Jul 13, 2016


Divorce can be devastating and when a man enters the dating world after. Dismissing a man based on his relationship status is understandable. Some people think a divorced man has too much baggage, but everyone has drama to some degree. There are, however, many wonderful men who happen to be divorced. Something to keep in mind with a divorced man is he’s likely been through a lot and may need a bit of time to warm up to you.

The thought of jumping into a full blown relationship may be too when dealing with a divorced Sugar Daddy, but wanting something more simple makes arrangements a great option. Treat him with compassion and ask how he’s doing, without getting too personal. Whether it’s months or years later, coping with divorce can be a process. If you find yourself interested in a divorced man, get a feel for what he’s needs since not all are ready for something serious.


Light and fun company is best for both of you. Come on too strong and he’ll be scared away. Desperate times call for non-desperate measures. If you’re in a bind and think the divorced man will instantly swoop you up to security, it’s time for a reality check. Be confident and play it cool. If you’re meeting him for the first time keep the conversation light and focused on his interests and really focus on engaging with him. His life may look flawless from your perspective but he could be grappling with personal matters, so keep it relaxing.


Once you’ve met someone with potential, remember that he could be working through the healing process; whether it’s months or years after a divorce. Hoping something will come over time, you’re wondering what the next steps will be. Is he looking for someone to develop something real with or is this just a casual meet and greet? Slow down and keep it simple, remember space can be healthy. Yes he’s great, but give it some time. If you both enjoy each other’s company plan another fun meetup.


People cope with adversity in different ways. Even if he seems ideal, even seemingly flawless people have personal battles. You may find the person you’ve met is dealing with divorce in a not so healthy manner. If you see behavior in line with personal trauma like heavy drinking and drug use, condoning it is not the best approach. People know addictions are not advantageous, and having the finger point makes someone feel even worse.

Finding healthy ways to channel confusing and painful energy is possible and it’s your opportunity to help him cope. Build him up and be a system of support, but if you find his situation is too much it’s best to move on. One of the most effective forms of natural healing comes from mindfulness meditation where an individual focuses on getting to the root of a problem. When pressures of personal and professional demands interfere with the progress meditating can help. If the two of you are up for it a fun romantic activity could be a yoga class.


Of course when chemistry is present, engaging in romantic passion will be a natural desire. The divorced man may be ready for intimacy from the get go, but taking it slow is a wise decision. Focus on establishing a friendship first. If you two are both on the same page, you’re likely to develop genuine chemistry. Rushing into intimacy just because it feels good can end up being a regret. Get to know one another. You may find that over time the mutual attraction becomes something more, and from this a healthy intimate relationship forms.