Declaring Your Sugar Objective

By Keillen

Oct 16, 2016


[uh b-jek-tiv] n. a thing aimed at or sought; a goal. Something you are trying to do or achieve; a goal or purpose

Your first step when entering the Sugar Bowl is to know what you want. Every SB has their expectations or objective of what they hope to get from investing time in Sugar. We all want that perfect arrangement, but not all of us can get there easily.

Declaring your Sugar objective is one of the most vital components to finding the perfect Sugar Daddy for you – and actually getting what you want. Although declaring your clear Sugar objective might seem like it would scare away potential SDs, it does weed out the Salt Daddies or pot SDs that would end wasting your time.

Your time, awareness, and self respect are priceless. Hone in on your unique Sugar goals and make your time in the Bowl a beneficial experience. Here are the keys to understanding and declaring your Sugar objective.

Understand Yourself

When first considering the Sugar Bowl, it’s important to understand what brought you here. You might ask yourself why you are entering the Sugar Bowl vs. a traditional dating website. This might seem like a no-brainer question but some Sugar Babies can be confused at first. That, or they are not aware of the benefits and limitations of mutually beneficial relationships.

One should also reflect carefully on motivations for joining the Sugar Bowl. Do you have bills that are a burden? Do you have tuition due? Are you seeking an arrangement that is mutually beneficial without the restrictions of a traditional relationship? What are your compelling reasons for being in the Sugar Bowl? Write them down to make sure they are clear in your mind.

It could be one or a combination of things motivating you, but being self-aware and understanding your motivation is vital to establishing your Sugar objective. Once you understand what is motivating you to enter the Sugar Bowl, you’re one step closer to reaching your Sugar objective.

Understand Expectations

Do your unique Sugar attributes (what you bring to the Sugar Bowl) match your expectations? By knowing what motivates you to seek some Sugar and understanding what you’re comfortable bringing to the Sugar Bowl, you will be able to define your Sugar objective.

Ideally your aim should be to align your Sugar expectations with what you’re bringing to the Sugar Bowl. It is imperative to feel comfortable with yourself in addition to feeling comfortable with any potential Sugar Daddy’s expectations. Having clear Sugar ideals and boundaries can help you feel in control of your Sugar life and aid in finding the perfect SD. Write down the components of your ideal arrangement to make the real and tangible.

State Your Objective

Once you understand your motivation and what you can bring to an arrangement, then you’re in a position to declare your Sugar objective. This is one of the most important components of finding the perfect SD.  

Your Sugar objective can be anything from: “I’m looking for a kind, generous SD willing to help with tuition and living expenses” to “I’m looking for a fun, outgoing SD. I would love to travel the world while providing him with genuine companionship.” Your Sugar objective is unique to you and must be clearly outlined in your mind!

I can’t count the times I’ve received a message stating how refreshing it was to read my profile purely because I clearly stated my Sugar objective. I mention specifically what I am looking for from my SD. When reading my profile, every potential SD knows exactly what I seek and he doesn’t have to waste time guessing or asking if he would be a good match for me and vice versa. I’ve declared my Sugar goals.

Profile Declaration

I found my perfect arrangement and didn’t settle or have to deal with weeding through tons of pot SD messages. Making your Sugar motives clear in your profile provides potential SDs with information they need to know. It alleviates any guessing and potential frustration down the road, for both of you.

Look at it from your potential SD’s perspective. If your profile is vague and filled with “I don’t know what I’m looking for, I’m new to this, blah blah” then all POTs will be on the spectrum of uncertainty. You’re not doing yourself any favors here. Or worse, your inbox will be filled with Salt Daddies, fakes and players just wanting access to your photos.

Being upfront and clearly declaring your Sugar Objective enables you and your potential SDs to understand expectations right from the start. Establishing your self worth and setting the bar for what you’re looking for in an arrangement is key in your search.

Be strong. Do not worry about scaring off potential SDs. Instead, you will get messaged by men who are seriously interested in getting to know you, and providing for you. Each of you will have an expectations going forward, and stating those clearly will result in a mutually beneficial arrangement. Isn’t that what we all want?
So, sweet Sugar Baby – Declare your Sugar objective and proceed to enjoy the sweet life!