Divorced Daddies

By Sugar Experts

Sep 03, 2015

Today we’re talking about dating a divorced Sugar Daddy. We’re guiding you through what can be new territory for most Sugar Babies, and helping to decode the divorcee.

The average man on SeekingArrangement is 39 years old, meaning that some of them have had a few previous engagements. While you obviously don’t want to date a rookie, it can be a bit daunting dating a divorced man. This type of arrangement can leave a girl a bit clueless.

Understand that divorced daddies aren’t dating just to find another ex-­wife. In fact, most realize that marriage just wasn’t for them leading them to seek out a fun, mutually beneficial time with a younger lady, such as yourself.

Discretion is vital to the health of your agreement, especially if there are children involved. Simply because he is single does not mean that he is looking for anything more than he promised. Be sure to stick to your arrangement, or risk becoming a rebound. Also, juggling alimony and an arrangement can be complicated, so make sure that you know what’s going on upfront so you don’t accidentally end up as collateral damage in the divorce proceedings.

While getting divorced is never easy, the silver lining is figuring out what you don’t want and being able to pin point exactly what you do want. A newly divorced Daddy is going to be looking for an escape from the life he used to be leading.

Louis CK Said it best, “Being recently divorced feels like you just got out of prison, and they give you back the same clothes you were convicted in.” The divorced Daddy may be a little out of sorts when it comes to a new relationship, so help him learn what it’s like to be single in 2015.

Advising us on dating a divorcee is Ian Oliver, a Sugar Daddy and expert on dating after divorce.

Ian divulges that the biggest difference in dating now compared to before a first marriage is that you’re at a different stage of life because of the passage of time. Before you were probably in your 20s and 30s and a high priority may have been children, but now it’s a different situation.

The most important thing for women seeking a newly single guy is to be direct, open and honest in your profile and everything on the site and try to include as much as you can about what you want, what you’re looking for and what your desires are. If you do this, you have a much better chance of finding a fit and someone that shares these perspectives.

Ian’s advice for any Sugar Baby on the site? Once you’ve established a degree of contact with a person connection pursue texting or emailing. Then from there, pursue a phone conversation to see if that initial attraction is confirmed and hopefully growing and then finally meet in person. If you pursue that evolution or process you significantly increase the chances of a great meeting and ultimately the relationship that you both want. The great thing about SeekingArrangement is it’s convenience, so be sure not to waste his time or your own.

Ian also wrote a book about dating after divorce. More info on that here.

Have you ever dated a divorced man?