Why My Dream Arrangement Ended

By Egan

Mar 18, 2017

My last arrangement was everything I’d ever hoped for and my SD was attractive. It was perfect…for about a year. Our arrangement lasted about a year and a half before I walked away from a good allowance, travel, gifts and we were even planning a trip to Europe. Here is how it began and why my dream arrangement ended.


My SD lived across the country but we met when he was in my state for business. In his message to me before we met he clearly outlined what my allowance would be and the benefits of the arrangement if we were compatible. He was already my kind of SD; straightforward and to the point without making me feel like a commodity.

We met for dinner and hit it off. A week later I found myself getting picked up from the airport in his home state. That evening we took a sunset helicopter ride. I returned home 3 days later, ecstatic to have found such a good SD.


He was good to his word, after my first trip to visit him my allowance started. He flew me out about once a month and would sometimes come to visit in between. Besides the travel while I was there he would buy me gifts: small things but it was sweet. We had all kinds of adventures and were always on the move.


Our arrangement worked out amazingly for the first half a year or better. Then I started a business. As my business started to pick up, flying out ever month for 3-5 days started to be too constraining on my schedule. 3 days/2 nights I could handle but he wanted more time than that.
He compromised and came to visit me more but didn’t give me enough notice to plan for him. I could feel his frustration mounting which stressed me out too.
We went out with his friends and they all assumed I was his girlfriend. It was confusing and frustrating on my end. I’d seen the SA app on his phone, I knew he was seeing other SB’s but all his friends thought he was dating me. It made me unsure of where I stood with him; combined with the stress of my business I wasn’t enjoying the arrangement as much.


Over a year in, I suspected he had formed genuine feelings for me. He was getting more frustrated with not having enough time with me, he would get jealous when my phone went off, and he’d make comments that probed about my dating life outside of him.

He was a good SD and I enjoyed the things we did together, his generosity, and travel but we never decided to have a relationship.

I had to think about where I wanted this to go. He could be a good boyfriend, but I didn’t see a future with him. It was difficult to think about giving up such a good thing but I started to dread traveling instead of looking forward to it.


Once I realized I wasn’t excited to see him anymore and didn’t want to hurt his feelings I knew it was time. I’d like to say it was easy to walk away from all the perks of that arrangement but it wasn’t. I was happy I’d been responsible with my allowance and enjoyed traveling while it was going on. I was in a good place to move forward. Since I ended that arrangement I’ve been happier, independent and even found someone I could have a future with. If ending your arrangement is difficult for your check out this article.

For me, I had a  great experience with him with my Sugar Daddy. I learned so much but most importantly I maintained control over my decisions and listened to my instincts.