How to Earn a Sugar Daddy’s Respect

By JadeSeashell

Jan 05, 2018

According to a recent survey, the most disappointing experience that sugar daddies have is the fact that many sugar babies feel entitled to sugar daddies’ affection and allowance.  Honestly, this entitlement is unhelpful because: A) it doesn’t allow sugar babies to improve themselves; B) it makes sugar daddies feel used by people, thereby ruining sugar arrangements in the long term.

Therefore, I’d like to talk about how to earn a sugar daddy’s respect – sugar babies can consider this as self-improvement and hopefully this article will open a new chapter for you in 2018.


Display Qualities Besides Your Physical Attractiveness

A high-value sugar daddy looks for a sugar baby who has physical beauty, wisdom, intelligence and a delightful personality.  So if you can show him your other charming qualities, you will surely get a sugar daddy who really respects you.  Certainly, you are not going to say “I’m fun, interesting, wise and smart”.

Instead, what you can do is you’ll communicate your wonderful qualities to him by telling stories about you. For instance, you can tell him about the books you enjoy reading, your favorite movies and music, your interesting hobbies, and so forth.  In this way, your sugar daddy will understand that you have much more to offer apart from your good looks.  Therefore, he will respect you more.


Focus on Building a Genuine Connection with Your Sugar Daddy

Some sugar babies only focus on gifts and allowance, but focusing on these short-term gains actually prevents these benefits from happening – It’s counterproductive.  In fact, playing the long game is the key – you have to focus on building a genuine relationship with your sugar daddy if you want to be spoilt by him!


For example, you would be well-advised to be more caring – you actually care about your sugar daddy as a person and you care about your relationship with him.  You choose him not just because of his money, but because you genuinely like him as well.

Dating a wealthy man that you are attracted to is the most amazing experience in life, so you should show up on time when you see him, share some unforgettable experiences with him and build a true connection with him.  That’s the ultimate way to earn your sugar daddy’s respect.


Make Sure You Always Look Great When You See Him

Your beauty is a very valuable asset, so make sure you make the most of it!  When you date a sugar daddy, he wants to be proud of you!  So you’d better look absolutely gorgeous each time you go out with him!

Always make sure your makeup and hair are done perfectly.  Dress well. When you attend a formal dinner party with him, wear the most beautiful evening gown.  Pay attention to details, e.g. have your nails done once a week, wear a memorable perfume, etc.


Show Your Standards

Many sugar daddies are jaded because they feel that they are taken advantage of by people who only want their money and don’t care about a relationship.  As a result, high quality sugar babies stand out from the crowd by earning sugar daddies’ respect.  That being said, it doesn’t mean you should become a doormat.  So if he behaves badly (maybe he is late for the date), you have to show your standards.

Again, don’t tell him your standards; show him!  You can say this in a polite and gentle way, “That’s such a turn-off.  I care about you and our relationship, so I deserve your respect.”  Because every man wants to turn on his woman, your comment will make him respect you.