Eight Unique Date Ideas

By Alexis G

Apr 19, 2016

Are dinner dates with Daddy getting a little boring? Of course we all enjoy fine dining, but there is more to life than food. Here are eight unique date ideas to suggest that will keep things interesting.

Take a Helicopter Ride

A helicopter tour allows you and Daddy to experience your city from new heights. Plan a daytime tour complete with a picnic lunch. Or amp up the romance with a night tour. Ask the pilot to take you to a great stargazing spot and enjoy a glass of champagne while looking for shooting stars.

Take a Gourmet Cooking Class

What’s more romantic than cozying up in the kitchen with your sweetie? Sur La Table is a great place for cooking classes. Check the schedule and plan to attend on date night. At the end of the class you and your date will have the opportunity to enjoy your delicious creation.

Spa Day

Many men think a day at the spa is just for women, but that is certainly not the case. Find a luxury day spa in your city and book a day of couples treatments. If this is Daddy’s first spa experience keep the treatments simple. Start off with a couples massage, move on to facials and finish up with a mud bath or a soak in the jacuzzi.

Hot Air Balloon Ride

Taking a hot air balloon ride is a thrilling experience to share with a date. Typically you can choose between a sunrise or a sunset ride. Don’t worry both options come with a champagne toast upon landing.

Find the Best Martini in Town

This idea applies to any drink or cuisine that you and Daddy enjoy. Read reviews, ask around and then go explore your town. Choose three venues to explore in one day. Create a rating system and then enjoy your taste test. This is a fun way to enjoy time together and perhaps discover a new favorite restaurant or bar along the way.

Take a Dinner Cruise

So the idea here is to take a typical dinner date to the next level. Book a dinner cruise and enjoy an evening on the water. Most dinner cruises also feature live music so after you eat you can dance the night away.

Check Out a Burlesque Show

If you’re feeling adventurous plan an outing to a burlesque show. The sexy outfits and sultry choreography will be sure to leave you both feeling frisky after the show. Later pick out some sexy lingerie and put on a little show of your own.

Wine Tasting

If you live near a vineyard take a tour and taste wines from your region. If you don’t live near a vineyard you can still take part in wine tasting. Research wine events in your city and plan to attend. If you really want to impress Daddy research wine tasting etiquette ahead of time so you are fully prepared for the event.

These are just some ideas to get you started. Get creative and find some new activities that represent what you enjoy as a couple. Remember Babies, as long as you and your date are having a great time it doesn’t matter what you do or where you go.