Expectations That You Must Not Have From Your Partner

We all dream of a perfect partner and a perfect relationship. Only if there actually a perfect person or a perfect relationship existed. In the real world, perfect people don’t exist, everyone is flawed and a relationship is all about accepting your partner as he or she is with their flaws.

It is very natural to have expectations from your partner as the relationship is the most important thing in your life.  However, there is a place you need to draw a line on your expectations from your partner.  Too many or unrealistic expectations from your partner can take a toll on your relationship, eventually stressing out you and your partner.

Here is a list of expectations that you should never have from your partner in a relationship:

To keep you Happy

It is not your partner’s responsibility to keep you happy. Your emotions and feelings are a product of your experiences and thoughts. Hence, holding your partner responsible for keeping your happy is a huge burden you are thrusting upon him/her. Remember if you are not happy with yourself, no one or no relationship can make you feel better or happier.

To give your financial assistance

It is okay to ask your partner for help with money issues sometimes. However, you can’t justify completing depending on your partner’s finances. It is also not okay to ask for his/her confidential financial information if your partner is not comfortable doing so.

To read your mind

Even if your partner is your soul mate and he/she understands you completely, you expect your partner to read your mind all the time. It is important for you to communicate clearly with your partner. You can’t keep your emotions secret and expect your partner to automatically know what is going on with you.

To not change at all

Change is the only thing constant in life. So it is better you understand that your partner will not always remain the way you first met him/her. You need to at least try and adapt to the changes your partner is going through.

To look perfect all the time

Well, it is important to look presentable and it would mean a lot to you if your partner would dress up for you. However, in a long-term relationship, it is not possible for your partner to be dressed to nine every time he/she meets you. You should allow your partner to let her/his hair down and be themselves around you.

To cut contacts with friends and family

You may not like or approve of all your partner’s friends or family members but that doesn’t mean you expect your partner to cut ties with everyone in his/her life you have a problem with.  Your partner has a right to life and friends beyond your relationship.

Don’t let the weight of your expectations ruin your relationship. By managing your expectations you can keep your partner and your relationship stress-free.