Feminism in the Sugar Bowl

By Eva C.

Jun 23, 2018

We are strong, empowered women. Not only that we control our anatomy and our choices. We respect ourselves. We are feminist Sugar Babies. The historical narratives portraying Sugar Babies as air-headed gold diggers are tired and inaccurate. Rather, Sugar Babies leverage their smarts and panache to engage in mature, mutually beneficial relationships. By addressing systemic inequalities, bringing more respect to relationships, and taking charge of our own fate, Sugaring is an effective way to resist the patriarchy.

Sugar Counteracts the Wage Gap

Women are systematically disadvantaged in the workplace. They receive less compensation and fewer opportunities for professional advancement than men. For example, over fifty years after the Equal Pay Act, white women make $0.79 cents for each dollar men make, while Latina women make only $0.54. This is in part because women have historically chosen (or been coerced to choose) lower-paying careers, such as teaching or nursing, whereas society encourages males to study more lucrative fields, such as engineering.

While everyone should certainly pursue the occupation of their choice, Sugar can be thought of as a subsidy to compensate for gender-based income inequality. In a typical arrangement, we have a wealthy, older man, who has been systematically encouraged to achieve wealth and success. He then shares that wealth with a female who by the very nature of being a woman in the workplace, has a significantly lower earning potential.

Sugar Relationships are More Respectful

How often, in vanilla dating, have you realized your partner is immature and unable to carry an intelligent conversation? How often in Sugar Dating? By the virtue of dating older, established men, Sugar Babies expose themselves to a higher caliber of partner. This doesn’t mean monetary benefits. A single Sugar Daddy has more charm and wit than five younger men combined. As busy professionals, they know time is valuable and won’t waste yours. They mind their manners. They are quick to hold a door or pull out a chair. Most importantly, establishing the nature of your relationship as it develops allows for clear communication. Not only that an ongoing dialogue about expectations and desires. All of these factors lay the framework for a sophisticated, mature coupling. And the sugar keeps it oh-so-sweet.

Appearances Aren’t Everything

In vanilla dating, many of us chose partners based on superficial appearances or athletic prowess. That’s pretty shallow! It is so common for partners to be the same level of physical attractiveness that when they are not, it draws stares, speculation, and defamation.

So, while you might get some side eye for being out with an older man. Count your blessings you are able to see past superficial appearances.

SeekingArrangement was developed to help people with stronger qualities in the business and financial areas make connections. You aren’t swiping for looks. Instead, you are looking for success, maturity, and mutual respect.

It’s 2018. We can do what we want.

Everyone has an opinion on Sugar. Many of these tired tropes are designed to shame Sugar Babies. These make them think they are ‘compromising their value’ by accepting gifts or allowances from older men. However, those people don’t know you and don’t they know the nature of your arrangements. They are repeating a long-held narrative. This is likely without reflecting on WHY they are shading your arrangement.

Finally, society is ALWAYS going to criticize your life choices. If you aren’t labeled as promiscuous you’ll be called a prude. In 2018, “The Year of the Woman,” challenge yourself to ignore the judgment of others. Rather than fretting about how strangers perceive your relationship, relish in the knowledge you have secured a mutually beneficial relationship with a mature, respectful partner. In doing so, you’ll push back against literally centuries of defamation.