Finding the Right Sugar Daddy

An arrangement with the Sugar Daddy of your dreams seems almost too good to be true. As a Sugar Baby, you may see him as a handsome gentleman, a wealthy adventurer, or even someone who seems to be a perfect match to your wishes.  The excitement of the first communication and everything already looking perfect gives excitement to any Baby. However, it’s important to review all the pros and cons before wasting each other’s time.

There are the things to keep in mind, like whether the match is appropriate for both parties. Sometimes you see a few good things that make you excited, and it’s easy to forget traits that are possible deal breakers. Here’s my best tips for finding the right Sugar Daddy.

Status Update

Both of you are either single, married, separated, divorced, or maybe it’s complicated. In some cases, a widow. It is important to that the statuses of both are known from the beginning. Honesty is very important in any arrangement or relationship, and lying about this is a huge no-no. This can destroy trust and possibly put each other at risk.

This should be one of the first things to learn about each other, because starting off with a lie is no way to succeed in the search for Sugar. Both parties need to be ok with the other one’s relationship status, especially if there is a marriage and kids involved. A Sugar Daddy or Baby should not take priority over family responsibilities, but this only can be understandable if its already established. If you are not ok with a married Daddy, do not pursue this type of arrangement and respectively decline as soon as you know this.

Daddy’s Wants vs. Baby’s Needs

Some Daddies search for a sexual fantasy to be fulfilled, some want a friendship, some want some a relationship parallel to boyfriend and girlfriend. There are also Daddies who want things in between these ideas. It’s important both parties know what the other hopes for and each others limits in public and in private.  It is not fair to either if desires are not able to be fulfilled.

Especially when as the arrangement progresses, one of you might realize they cannot keep up their end, but do not want to end the entire arrangement. This can lead to a negative experience and defeating the purpose of the arrangement, which is to be honest and up front.

Does it Feel Right?

Human instinct is what’s kept our species alive for thousands of years, and it’s keeping you alive, too. There will always be a chance that you will meet someone (no matter where you meet) that have bad intentions. A sexy Baby is strong, confident, and will protect herself from Salt in the world. There will be some who pretend to be a Daddy, and it’s important to trust your gut. If it seems too good to be true, it probably is.

Do not engage if someone replies in ways that raise your hair, or come off suspicious. Don’t be afraid to leave an uncomfortable situation, or a relationship that is not benefiting you. Overall, if you feel excited and this sounds like potential for a great SD/SB relationship, then go for it with confidence.