Five Points to Build the Perfect Seductive Night

By Nikki Watson

Jun 14, 2018

We all know how relaxing it is to get some sweet romantic moments after a long sequence of work weeks. You hardly get to spend quality time with your beloved. Such is the modern day life.

And finally, when you get the chance, planning for that special night and spicing things up become all the more imperative and exciting.

You obviously don’t want to queue up to a restaurant or go to a loud bar this time around. Instead, planning a sexy night, at the comfort and warmth of your house would be on your mind. Isn’t it?

Here’s how you can make it super seductive and special, leaving you both yearn for more –

Put Work on Pause 

Take a break from your work, phone, emails and everything that you think, can spoil your mood.

You wouldn’t want to be troubled by your assignments and client calls. That’s the last thing obviously.

Just complete your pending tasks and hang up your desk. Put the cellphone on vibrator. Switch on the answering machine for the fixed line. Messages can be reverted to later.

Groom Yourself Up 

It’s time for some grooming now. Try and see if you need some bleaching, face pack or waxing. 

Shaving down your bikini area is entirely your choice or if you know what the sugar daddy likes. Trimming down those overgrown strands is always a good idea.

You must shave your armpits and legs. Unwanted hairs can cause odour and perspiration. These may cringe him away while you are about to start.

Take a good shower. Don’t dress up right away. Give some time before your body dries up completely.

Use a body spray, especially around areas, that are game for easy sweating. For example inner thighs and underarms.

Also spray some over your neck and wrists. The fragrance would last long.

Ensure that you don’t have dry or cracked lips. Use a good lip balm the night before, so you have super-soft lips. Afterall, it all starts with kissing 🙂

Get a good moisturizer for your hands, forearms and legs.

Set up the environment too. Get a diffuser with essential oils. Not only it will help purifying the air but also keep the area fresh and fragrant.

Say Yes to the Dress

You have to wear something that you find comfortable, yet sexy at the same time.

Here you have options –

How about some sexy lingerie paired with a bullet bra which gives a unique sensual look to your bustline, sexy enough to make his eyes bulge?

If that looks too simple, you can get yourself a corset dress to get a sophisticated yet coquettish look. Pair it with a bullet bra for that chic style.

This is sure something he doesn’t get to see every day. The novelty of your look would definitely get him lusting over you, like never before. 

Set His Mood 

Let him know how much you’re excited for the night. Don’t hide it. Excitement is infectious and would make him even more enthusiastic.

Nothing would turn him on better, than your text. Why not leave a small message, saying how much you’re looking forward to make-out? It would surely make his day.

Let him know little things you’re planning to do with him. Just give him some hints, not explore all.

Tell him how you got the idea that helped you plan the way you have.  We all have a favorite novel or a soft porn that we always fantasize of. Don’t we?

Nothing is sexier than a woman who dares to take the initiative. Take my words!

Sexy Dinner for a Sexy Night

Food is sexy. It’s psychologically proven that people think about their favorite food with the same passion they feel while thinking of sex.

Carefully decide on the menu. Include items that you both love.

To make things more romantic, you can yourself cook for him. How about preparing that creamy red wine hot chocolate to have it for dessert?

Get a fine bottle of wine or a chosen whiskey from that rare collection, whichever you both prefer. The tipple won’t just relax you but also get the mood going.

Make sure you take it in moderation. It can easily prove to be a spoilsport else.

You can make it all the more exotic and corny with scented candles set in the dark. Lighten them up when he arrives.

Play some all time instrumentals but keep the volume soft.

And there it is, the stage is set ..

Relax and Enjoy

Need I add more? I have already added the fuel and fixed the tone.

Time to light up the fire 😉