Five Secrets Never to Keep from a Sugar Daddy

By Brook

Nov 03, 2015

Discretion is vital to an arrangement, but some dirty laundry should really be aired. If you’re trying to keep a Sugar Daddy, lying is a big no-no. Here are five secrets never to keep from a Sugar Daddy.

1. Monogamy or nah?

Getting into an arrangement, or any relationship for that matter, may mean having ‘the talk’ about who you’re sleeping with. Even if you think he wants to hear that you’re a virgin who only has eyes for him, that load of bs will score you a one-way ticket to Splenda town. Most Sugar Daddies don’t want to be monogamous, so he might find it relieving to know you feel the same.

On the other hand, if you do want monogamy that should be stated as well. There’s no room for heartbreak in arrangements, so leave the normal relationship taboo topic barriers at the door and discuss what you want openly.

2. Sugar from the past

The way in which your Sugar relationships worked previously is essential to a successful arrangement. Let him know whether you’ve had Sugar Daddies, or even how your past relationships worked. Do you speak everyday? How do you feel about being intimate with Sugar Daddies? Laying down ground work for how you want your relationship to operate will eliminate bad endings.

3. Finances for your thoughts?

Your Sugar Daddies should be fully aware of your financial situation. Are you in school? Paying back loans? In debt up to your falsies? He needs to be aware of what you’re going through and what you need in order to help you accordingly.

This is also where you need to be honest about what you expect from him financially. Figure out what you need from him, and determine your allowance accurately to figure out if he’s the Daddy for you.

4. Tissues for your issues

Thinking a Sugar Daddy doesn’t care about your personal issues is a falsity. Whether it’s your health or drama in your life, giving him a brief (and I mean very brief) synopsis is key to maintaining transparency in the relationship. If you don’t disclose your troubles, you aren’t giving him the opportunity to try and aid you, whether it be financial or through mentorship.

That’s not to say you should give him a full medical history, but if it’s affecting your arrangement adversely then you need to give him a heads up. This will help him understand your sentiment so he can give you space when you need it without getting salty.

5. Catching Feelings

Though most of you aren’t trying to get hitched just yet, believe me when I say falling in love with your Sugar Daddy does happen. Disclosing your feelings to him is the only way he can reciprocate, or reevaluate. If he’s unavailable (as in married) then you should probably reconsider an arrangement with him. Sugar Babies should never be homewreckers.
The bottom line is lying creates strife between you and your Sugar Daddy. He needs to know what’s going on in your life so when you snap at him or act like a brat, he knows the root and can understand where you’re coming from. But just make sure to stay sweet, or at least try.