Five Star Dining 101

By Kaye

Mar 03, 2016

An exquisite four course meal, exotic cocktails and delicious wines, a soothing atmosphere and service unlike any other – welcome to the world of Five Star Dining, Sugar Babies! Being spoiled and treated to a Five star restaurant is something you’re going to experience as a Sugar Baby. My first time at one of these reputable establishments was, let’s just say, not my best performance.

I had no idea how to order or how to pronounce anything and the menu might as well have been in hieroglyphs. I left my phone on the table but turned over so I couldn’t see the screen, I waited for him to start the conversation, and I ended up drinking way too much because I didn’t know how to fill the awkward silence. To avoid any amateur mistakes, let’s begin Five Star Dining 101.

Check The Menu Ahead of Time

Those accustomed to the high-end dining experience are familiar with the ordering etiquette of starter cocktails, then the light appetizers and bottle of wine for the table, the main dishes and finally, the port wine or espressos and shared dessert to top it all off. To make this ordering ritual as smooth as possible, make sure to familiarize yourself with the menu ahead of time.

There will probably be dishes or ingredients you’ve never heard of before, so researching the menu in advance will save time, spare the ‘just get whatever you want’ comment (because you actually have no idea what foie gras is), and will also make you seem like a fine dining seasoned pro. Sidenote, it’s always acceptable to ask your server for their recommendations on drinks and dishes.

Let Him Order the Wine

As previously mentioned, there will be a few rounds of pre-meal drinks and a bottle of wine that will accompany dinner. At the time of my aforementioned date, I was not well-versed in wine. I wanted to keep it classy and order a glass of something light and fruity, but panicked when the server asked for my order and pointed to the very first thing I saw. My SD, being the gentleman that he is, quickly suggested we just get a bottle for the table. I ended up hating it. To avoid my amatuer mistake, defer to your SD for his wine preference and let him take the lead.  

Have Talking Points

There is nothing worse than awkward silence on a date. Scan the headlines from The Week or from your local newspaper and pick a few interesting topics to discuss in the event of a lull in conversation. (Avoid politics and religion, though. It’s very easy to sour the mood if opposing ideologies come into play.) Not only will this keep the dialogue flowing, but staying up-to-speed on current events and issues will surely impress Daddy.

Dining Etiquette

Your dinner is going to be presented in the most spectacular way, with garnishes and flowers and God knows what else, however, this is not the time to Instagram and #foodporn. When you’re at a classy establishment make sure to be on your best behavior: no elbows on the table, phone silenced and out of sight, purse at your side, napkin placed in your lap, don’t go for the most expensive item on the menu, inside voices, etc. You’re a lady.

Check this site out for additional tips on dining etiquette.

Never Complain

You’re going to be trying new things with new flavor concoctions, and you might not like them. But, do not under any circumstances complain about the food. Be curious and gracious when trying something for the first time. Answer honestly if asked how you like it, but be delicate if you don’t enjoy it. For example, if you don’t particularly like foie gras, you can say: “This is the first time I’m having this. It’s interesting and not what I was expecting, but I’m glad I tried something new!”

Check Dip

Around the time the check is coming, politely excuse yourself to the ladies room. Let your Sugar Daddy handle business. By the time you return, he’s probably already paid.

Any other tips for 5 Star Dining?