Five Things “Material Girl” Taught Us about Sugaring

By Victoria Naples

Apr 12, 2018

Madonna’s iconic song, “Material Girl,” is as relevant today as it was over 30 years ago.  Many Sugar Babies identify with the song and the video.  Each is provocative, and ironic in their own way.  “Material Girl” openly portrayed relationships as a commodity – one that could be bought and sold (or not). Interestingly, Madonna was ultimately viewed as being practical by promoting this sort of interpretation. Whether she likes it or not, “Material Girl” is her legacy.  But what does that mean for Sugar Babies?  Read on to find out the five lessons it doles out.

We are living in a material world

The hook of the song is, “We are living in a material world.”  The key word is “we” – as in everybody. We all have bills to pay, items to buy and wish lists in our head.  So if someone is making you feel poorly about leading the Sugaring lifestyle – don’t let them!  This is the world we are all in and have been for some time.  After all, the video was based on Marilyn Monroe’s performance of “Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend.”  So why not play it smart?  As Madonna said in an interview, materials are security and last longer than emotions.

If they don’t give me proper credit, I just walk away

The song is filled with lyrics that have double meanings, including “If they don’t give me proper credit, I just walk away.”  On the surface, this statement tells Sugar Babies that they should choose a man who has a lot of money.  This isn’t a bad thing, because Sugaring is predicated in part by the Sugar Baby getting spoiled. Which means that the Daddy needs to have the means.  But a closer interpretation of the line also recognizes that proper “credit” is a nod to mutual respect.  This is a crucial element to any relationship. If it is missing, Madonna preaches that the lady needs to take her leave.

Some boys try and some boys lie

The line, “Some boys try and some boys lie,” can be interpreted as a cautionary tale about sugaring. Sugar Daddies and Sugar Babies need to be wary of potential bad connections. It can come in the form of scammers or toxic relationships.  To this end, Madonna sang, “I don’t let them play (no way).”  This is sound advice, because it speaks to the importance of setting boundaries, and standing up for oneself.  Madonna swatted the bad boys away with her fan in the video, thus suggesting that she was not a victim.

Experience has made me rich

By the end of the song, Madonna sings that “Experience has made me rich.”  This points to the larger theme of the world of sugaring. In that fortune is not merely based on money.  There are other ways to lead a successful life, including through personal connections, mind opening travel and wisdom.  So seek out a Sugar Daddy that can serve as a mentor, be a true friend, or a confidant.  You will grow as a person, which will in turn make you more attractive to others.

Express yourself

The original full version of the “Material Girl” video shows Madonna being pursued by a Hollywood director.  He tries to woo her with expensive gifts, including a diamond necklace.  She is not impressed, and rejects the man and his presents.  By the end of the video, the director understood that the real way to Madonna’s heart was through a personal connection.  He offered her hand cut flowers, and treated her like a lady by opening the door for her.  It ended with the two of them kissing in a beat-up truck while on a date.  The moral of the story is that Madonna portrayed a woman with duality.  And isn’t that who we all are – women that are multi-faceted?