Fraternity Function or Date with Daddy?

By Lexie

Jan 15, 2016

To all the university Sugar Babies,

Winter break is officially over. Now it’s back to campus, feeling more refreshed than ever. But should you go to a fraternity function or date with Daddy? The holidays have come to a close and it’s time to center and focus. Getting back to study tables and term papers is hard. Between studying, working out and socializing, finding time for Sugar seems impossible, right? It’s all about prioritization and time management, darling. Sugar has perks you want, so you might as well make time.

Being selective about who and when you date is key. Here are a few tips for figuring out whether a fraternity function or date with Daddy is a better idea.


So you get invited to a party at Kappa Delta Whateva. Tell the bro on fraternity row you’ll need a rain check, his intentions may not be as sweet as a night on the town with Daddy. Why chase Fireball and compromise your academic success, when being chased by a handsome gentleman is so much better?

Fraternity functions are fun, but campus parties happen every day. Daddy’s time is limited, so make the call on which social function is more beneficial. A workaholic career man doesn’t necessarily have the flexibility of a student, and his mind is certainly focused on higher aspirations than getting wasted. Hopefully yours is, too. When his time becomes available it’s your opportunity to spend the little free time he does have with him.


Turning down the tiki torch Luau was bitter, but spending time with someone who makes your life sweeter is a decadent decision. Your new year is starting off great! Winter term tuition taken care of and additional Sugar for whatever you want. Glad you decided to enjoy fine dining and a stroll around town? Of course you are love.

The goal digger mentality is paying off, so stay focused. Decision making can be challenging especially when your peers are encouraging you do other things. Partying is a big part of college culture, but academic success is even more important. Assessing situations and effective decision making, like balancing school and dates with Daddy is essential.


Go ahead and plan a time in advance to meet again. Sure his schedule is hectic but he can look at his calendar and make time for you just as he does with business associates. Being respectful of each other’s time displays common courtesy and maturity. Anything with value is worth making time for and you most certainly are value added. Who brings the fun loving free – spirited energy to his life, you of course!

Be prepared for a last minute cancellation, and don’t take it personally. Frustrating I know, but it happens, especially for the CEO daddy type. Being understanding and flexible shows him you’re in it for him, of course a generous gentleman will make sure you are taken care of.


The new year is off to a sweet start. You’re implementing effective time allocation practices and you’re doing so with grace. Focusing on endeavors to set you up for success is wise. You’re feeling confident with yourself and have a great support system. Should academics become overwhelming you know where to head, straight to your professors office hours and campus academic success center.

The resources are available, go seek them. Daddy is not your tutor, unless you want to know a thing or two about genuine organic chemistry go ahead and approach him with a seductive smile.