Gracefully Breaking Up with a Sugar Daddy

By Ivy Babe

Jan 06, 2018

Even great arrangements come to an end eventually. Unlike most vanilla relationships, however, a poorly concluded arrangement has the power to really negatively affect your future opportunities. Sugar Daddies are CEOs, managers, investors, and executives. They are not people you want on your bad side.


And while Daddies might be rational when they do business, arrangements are relationships. Even the most powerful, intelligent Daddy can let his emotions get the best of him, especially when it comes to matter of the heart and ego.


Whether you wish to end the arrangement or your Daddy does, you want to make sure that he leaves the arrangement with a positive impression of you. Handle the breakup with class and a former Sugar Daddy can be a future professional reference or employer. In some cases, you may even wish to resume the arrangement at some time in the future. Here are some ‘dos’ and ‘don’ts’ for handling a breakup gracefully, like the princess you are.


Do: Be respectful at ALL times.

There’s a saying that people expose their own colors when drunk and when relationships end. Don’t show a nasty side, or he’ll forget all your former sweetness and remember only the unflattering closing impression. Being disrespectful to Daddy not only puts him in a bad mood, but also demeans you. You are a Sugar Baby, a modern courtesan, and far too fine to be impolite.


Don’t: Raise your voice, call names, curse, etc.

Always be a lady. Even if your Daddy’s temper begins to show, remember that you are a sweet and delicate reprieve from his stressful life and that expletives and insults have no business in your vocabulary (at least not around Daddy). If you make the breakup as painless as possible, Daddy won’t have many reservations about starting the arrangement up again some months or years down the road, if circumstances change to make an arrangement mutually beneficial again. That is absolutely not true if you become lewd and aggressive once the sugar stops flowing.



Do: Stay in loose contact, if circumstances allow.

If things end amiably, keep yourself in Daddy’s world and thoughts with a brief seasonal greeting, when appropriate. Whether it’s a Christmas card or a birthday text, staying in touch improves your chances of being the one your former Daddy thinks of when he decides to look for an arrangement again. The operative word here is ‘loose.’ A quarterly or biyearly greeting can be welcome, but pestering him will not be.



Don’t: Beg or harass.

Staying in touch should be limited to communication that doesn’t annoy your former Sugar Daddy nor prevent either of you from moving on. If you send him drunk texts at 2am in the night, he will quickly think of you with distaste and quite likely block your phone number, email, etc. Making a nuisance of yourself is an excellent way to ensure that your former Daddy will never wish to have anything to do with you again.


How have you ended former arrangements? Have you reignited the spark with any former Sugar Daddies?