3 things You Could Be Doing to Ruin Your Relationship

Relationships are the most important aspects of any one’s life. Especially the one we share with our life partner. Our lives tend to revolve around this most important relationship in our life. Naturally, we would devote a lot of time, space and energy to build, nurture and progress a relationship in our lives. All of us only want to be happy in our lives and automatically want our relationships to be a happy place for us too.

On a daily basis, we spare a lot of time to think, analyze and work on our relationships. It is very natural to do so, however, at the end of the day, your relationship is something you want to experience and live to the fullest. To do so, sometimes it is essential to call for boundaries when it comes to analyzing and interpreting aspects of your relationship and your partner.

Where thinking about your relationship is completely advised and in fact, is something very essential and you should have to indulge in. Overindulgence and over analyzing can lead to only panic attacks and overblowing not so serious issues.

You may say, it is easier said than done. Right! As our relationship for most of us is the backbone of our life, we sometimes can’t think about it logically and tend to indulge in it to the point where it may turn counterproductive.

Reading too much into things.

It is very normal to analyze gestures, actions, and communication of your partner. However, if you start reading too much into everything your partner does or doesn’t do, you would only suffocate your relationship. This will build up the stress levels in your relationship which will eventually make you stressful and unhappy.

Probably your partner would even mean so much when she or he is doing those things. Hence, just go with the flow don’t try to overburden yourself with the what’s and why’s of everything.

Looking for perfection.

If you are overthinking and overanalyzing everything there is a good chance you may be a perfectionist in life. It is not reasonable to expect a perfect relationship, no relationship is perfect and it is the result of the work that both partners put in. Hence, noticing every little thing and wanting everything to be perfect may only increase the pressure on your relationship which is really bad.

Not embracing the flaws in your partner and relationship.

Accept that your partner is also a human has flaws; also, accept the fact that relationship at any stage is a work in progress. The sooner you accept this fact, the better it would be for you. This kind of acceptance will give your relationship a breathing space. Instead of stressing out on things alone, try to calmly and positively discuss the issues you find in the relationship with your partner and resolve them.

To conclude, Stop overthinking and start living every moment of your relationship happily.