Hosting A Sugar Daddy At Your House

By Chic Rose

Sep 07, 2017

It is natural after your first, few Sugar dates with Daddy to be followed by a relaxing night in. Don’t let the newness scare you off. Hosting a Sugar Daddy can be incredibly easy and a laid back experience for both parties.


Safety First

I would advise that before inviting a Sugar Daddy into your personal space and sanctuary it’s best to be sure he’s genuine. He should have shown by his actions that hes not “Salty”. Salty daddies are always  pushing the agreed limits and no support is given without a huge excess effort by his Sugar Baby. Worse than a Salty is a “Splenda”(a complete fake). So, assuming your Sugar Daddy has demonstrated his authenticity, there should be some funds available to spend on decor. 

Basic Essentials

The two most important aspects are cleanliness and uninterrupted privacy. No interruptions from pets roaming loose, children, housemates etc.



Ideally get a professional cleaner for a few hours if you don’t have one already. A local trusted individual cleaner with checkable references is much less expensive than an agency. I would recommend being present in nearby rooms while the cleaner is in your property. Most cleaners take pride in their work. Regardless of your own domestic skills a professional will do five times what you can in the same time. Cleaning is great exercise but is not so great for soft Sugar Baby hands and perfectly manicured nails. A basic simple start is pour a liter of bleach down the loo. The most relevant indication of bathroom cleanliness. 1£ stores are goldmines for cleaning products. Daddy doesn’t need to know where you bought the products or that you don’t have a professional cleaner.


Hide Your Mess With Decor

Tidy and clutter free is the next most important. If not enough time to properly organise everything, simply throw all clutter into boxes and shut them away. Alternatively pile neatly in one corner, ideally not in a prominent place.

Placing a pretty throw over any boxes improves their appearance. If not stacked too high and stable enough, use them to stand a vase of flowers on. Flowers brighten any environment. In any top hotel fresh flowers are in abundance. Colour of flowers is relevant. Orange and yellows inspire energy, creativity, happiness and vitality. Red and pink for love, passion, romance. White for purity but I would advise against using lillies as they are often used for funerals. 


It’s important to find out what are your Sugar Daddy’s “must haves” to feel at home. What drink does he prefer? A specific brand of beer, whisky or type of wine? Certain non alcoholic or soft drinks? If your Sugar Daddy’s taste is expensive buy a mini size bottle plus a larger good quality bottle of a similar beverage as its support act.

Make sure your home contains nothing that triggers bad memories for him or another negative reaction. Eg: If he hates a certain colour and its the same as your rug then hide that rug! Equally if you know he’s a huge fan of certain things include these or something to do with them in your environment. You may be in an arrangement with a married Sugar Daddy who is seeking variation from his existing homelife. If so, find out if this is related to his home not just his current relationship. Then adapt your environment accordingly. Eg: If he lives in a place with traditional darkwood furniture and furnishings, make your place light and modern. 

Air Quality

A big NO is any stale or horrid smells in your home environment. Eg: Smoke, stale air from not opening windows, overwhelming potpourri or incense, strong chemicals etc. Windows should be opened every day for fresh air and good health. The exception to this is if you live in a city with extreme pollution such as Baoding, China. Subtle room fragrance is good but check daddy is not allergic to it. Equally for the rest of the environment and when deciding on what snacks to buy. Flowers and plants improve air quality if no allergy issues.

Decoration Hacks

A simple way of freshening up a battered sofa is covering it with a clean throw or a soft blanket. Your environment should speak of all the things Daddy likes about you. Hide all non sexy beautification things away. Eg: depilation cream, lifting bust creams etc. Daddy doesn’t need to know that your beauty had anymore help than a touch of makeup.

Any unsightly makeup stains on the carpet should be covered up with a rug, plant or furniture. No dirty laundry should be on display. Place it in binbags and tidy away. Dish washing liquid can be used instead of laundry liquid.

Another way to cheer up your home environment is to place a bowl of fresh fruit on the table. Subtle lighting is more flattering for an evening in with daddy. Sugar Daddies are human beings too and may have insecurities about their physique.
How do you make your house a home for Daddy?