How to Hit on a Sugar Daddy IRL

By Brook

Jan 08, 2016

Out in real life, the stakes are different than on SeekingArrangement when on the prowl for a Sugar Daddy. Put yourself in the right places to spot a POT, then use these moves to score a date. Here’s how to hit on a Sugar Daddy IRL. 

Pick your prey.

Not every guy with “the look” is a Sugar Daddy. You need to take the time to really examine the POT. What kind of shoes and accessories is he wearing? Who is he with? How old is he? Most Sugar Daddies are going to be over the age of 40. Put initial attraction aside, and if you end up liking his personality, the attraction will come naturally.

Ask the right questions.

So you’ve set your eyes on a POT, now you need to get him talking. Asking the right questions can show him you’re interested, and help you determine if he’s the Sugar Daddy type. My go-to questions are:

I love your [watch, shoes, cufflinks], can I take a look?

This should be paired with a subtle touch on the arm or hand. You can take a look at the item, and see how expensive it is, showing you what kind of lifestyle he lives.

Do you like to travel?

The rich and successful love to travel. He’ll be sure to let you know exactly how he’s been traveling, and where to. Private jet to the South of France? Sweet. Backpacking through Costa Rica? Probably not.

Have you heard of SeekingArrangement?

This one should only be asked if the other ones show he might be a Sugar Daddy. You can also ask if he’s heard of a mutually beneficial relationship. This is the most direct way to ask without actually asking.

Become interested.

While it’s important to intertwine the telling questions, also ask about him. Every man is an expert on himself, and he’ll be happy someone is taking an interest. He likes wine? Aviation? Cooking? What a coincidence, so do you! Take up the interests he has instantly and you two will start bonding early.

Don’t mention money.

This is a big one. You never want to mention money or allowances to a POT in real life. You shouldn’t bring it up until the second or third date anyway, but bringing it up with someone off the site can be disrespectful and make him think you’re an escort. Build up the chemistry and the relationship and the rest will follow.

Ask about availability.

Is he wearing a wedding ring? That shouldn’t deter you since about a third of Sugar Daddies are married, but you should ask about availability either way. Asking if he’s single is the perfect way to see if he’s available while showing your interest. You can also ask if he’s available for a date, or for a coffee later in the week.
Now that you’re in, it’s time to make him feel special and work your way to an organic arrangement.