How to Keep Him Interested

By Maggie

Oct 07, 2015

I’ve learned anyone can get a Sugar Daddy with a pretty face, but you need a lot more to keep one. In the same vein as “you are what you eat,” you need to be the type of woman who attracts the type of Sugar Daddy you want. Here’s how to keep him interested.

I want to spend my time with a man who is interesting and intelligent, as well as financially stable. Sugar Daddies can take you on dates to exotic places, treat you to fancy dinners and occasionally spoil you with a shopping spree… so what are you going to do to fill in all the time you’re spending with them? You’ll need to have something to talk about and hold their attention or they’ll lose interest.


Scope out the bargain section at the bookstore. I try to focus on getting the most bang for my buck by getting books with lots of easily digestible information. For example, I bought books in the “50 Ideas You Really Need to Know” series which come in subjects like philosophy, economics, psychology, math, politics, literature and religion- just to name a few. They’re concise reads with a ton of information about each subject.

Check out some different kinds of news like ScreenRant (movies and TV), Mashable (social media, tech and web), and Gamespot (video game news). If you’re not much of a reader, try listening to audiobooks on your daily commute or during your workout. In my experience, Sugar Daddies love to hear you talk about Pascal’s wager or the law of diminishing returns as you cut into a Kobe steak.

Play an Instrument

From personal experience, my suggestions are guitar, ukulele and harmonica. They’re fairly inexpensive and it takes a minimal amount of time and effort to become adequate at any of them. I’ll be the first to say I have little musical talent and my skills are mediocre at best.

That being said, I was able to play and sing at least ten songs on the guitar and ukulele within a week by just learning basic chords and watching Youtube videos. I did three songs on my first day with the harmonica by just following numbers and blowing. Nothing quite melts the heart like “Moon River” or “Somewhere Over the Rainbow.”

Groupon/Living Social

“So how was your day? What did you do?” are some of the most basic and inevitable questions when having a one on one conversation. Instead of talking about your day job and running errands, why don’t you tell him about your hip hop dance class. Or going to a science museum, enjoying a wine tasting, trying CrossFit or laughing at a comedy show? Daily deals sites are a wonderful way to find new, fun local activities that will broaden your horizons and won’t break the bank.

Free Online Courses and Videos

Some of my favorites include Coursera, Highbrow (sends you a daily five-minute email on a subject of your choice), Duolingo (learn a language), and TedTalks (video lectures about random topics). Learning new things and sharing what you learned with people is incredibly fun and rewarding. How wonderful would it be to get whisked away on a trip to Paris and being able to surprise your Sugar Daddy by ordering breakfast in French?

Doing things to better yourself makes life more exciting, boosts your confidence, and increases your self-worth. While these are all great ways to impress him, I want to stress that ultimately, the real winner here is YOU.