How to Make Him Feel Special While He’s Away

By Julia Jones

Jan 16, 2019

Sometimes when you’re seeing a sugar daddy it can be pretty common for him to have to be away from you for work, for family reasons, or for other reasons. Or, maybe you’re the busy one and have to be away from him- either way, it’s hard no matter how you look at it. Trust me, I’ve been there. I did three years in a long distance relationship so I know the struggle. But one thing that often shows up is that our partners start to miss us and they feel run down.

As his sugar daddy’s girl, it’s important to help make sure that daddy doesn’t feel like this. So, the question becomes: What can you do?

Make time

This is pretty simple, right? Make time for him and make sure he knows that you want to make this work so that you two can work on the relationship on the same page as each other.

Video chat

Find time to see each other, even when you can’t actually see each other. Video chat, send pictures, or Skype with each other. Whatever you two decide works best for you. And don’t be scared to surprise him with a random video chat.

Schedule time for each other

Sounds kinda lame, right? I mean, no one wants to have to check their calendar to see when they are talking to their partner next; but is it really any different than a date?

When you make time for each other and schedule it in, you’re sending the message to your POT that you’re dedicated to making this work and to making sure that you two have time together despite your busy schedules- and it helps him plan around seeing you, or plan to see you around his hectic schedule.

Have your own hobbies

Okay, so you’re probably looking at this and wondering what it has to do with making your sugar daddy feel special- right?

Well, this is going to take a little digging, but bear with me here. Let’s look at it this way, let’s pretend you don’t have any hobbies and maybe not many friends who are free; who do you think gets the majority of your time and attention? Daddy. Sounds good, right? But the thing is, eventually you start to go from just talking to him, to missing him and wishing he was around 24/7. Nothing wrong with that at all, but it might make daddy feel pretty guilty when he knows that you don’t have much else to do with your time. So, get a hobby that can work around daddy’s schedule so you’re still free to talk to him somewhat often, and let him know that you’re not only able to deal with the distance, but that you’re able to take care of yourself as well.

Let him know when you’re thinking of him

The truth is, in this day and age it’s easier than ever to make your daddy feel special while he’s away- from sending him songs that remind you of him or links to articles you thought were interesting, the internet is a huge advantage. Then, of course there are the old school ways to do it. Letters, care packages, and slipping something special into his suitcase before he leaves all do the trick, at least that’s what I’ve found.

Save up to surprise him

The hard part is not letting him know you’re planning on it. But what could make a man feel more special than his girl showing up to surprise him because she just missed him so freakin much?
Just try to make sure that he’s not too busy with work; and if he is, make sure you’ve got your hobbies to keep you busy while he’s working.