How To Minimize Stress And Keep Your Relationship Healthy

By Nikki Watson

Mar 18, 2019

When you’ve got a sugar daddy for a boyfriend it may seem at times like you don’t contribute enough to the relationship.

Remember that you are your own person and you have your own thoughts and your own emotions and are entitled to your own opinions.

Sometimes in these types of relationships where finances are out of balance, it can be tough to keep a healthy balanced relationship as well.

But don’t feel so bad if you’re not feeling emotionally stable right now in your relationship with your well-to-do significant other.

Relationships, especially one like yours takes more work because you are always trying to please your man who’s out workout earning that money every day.

If you aren’t careful to do some of the things I recommend below, the relationship with your sugar daddy can become stressed and unhealthy.

So let’s look at a few of the things to keep your sugar daddy relationship healthier and help in minimizing the stress that can potentially happen.

1. Surprise Date Night Out

Let’s face it; your sugar daddy is used to calling the shots. After all, he makes all the money.  He has all of the control, and he likes it that way.

But every now and then plan to surprise him with a nice, planned date night out.

Find something that both of you enjoy.  Go bowling.  Go to a fun amusement place for adults such as Dave and Busters.

You can even plan for a concert or a music festival. Let him know that you get more attracted to him after listening to music.

In fact, this was studied and substantiated by faculty at the University of Vienna. Women, if hear 25 seconds of music prior to meeting men, are 10% more likely to say they’d date them. Interesting 🙂

It will be a fun change from the fancy dinners and luxury excursions that you typically always do.

By planning the evening, it gives you some control back, if only for one night.  Get original here. Have fun with it.

It’s more for your mental state than anything.  It gives you the ability to contribute in an emotional way to the relationship, not necessarily a monetary way.

2. Don’t Forget To Save

Ok. I know. This one doesn’t seem to make sense right?  Well, let’s think about it for a minute.

You are in a relationship with a sugar daddy who pays for everything, pines over you, gives you everything you want, whisks you away maybe for a fancy weekend.

But the big question is, does he fund for your retirement?  Let’s be honest with each other, the type of relationship you’re in isn’t forever.

Don’t fool yourself into thinking your sugar daddy will be there when you get old.  Chances are he’s already older than you.

Saving should give you peace of mind knowing that if your sugar daddy ever leaves you, you’ll have money saved up because you were smart.

3. Tell Him How Much You Trust Him

Your sugar daddy needs to know that you trust him. Telling him how much you trust him will make him feel more attached to you.

If he is going to lavish you and give you everything you need, he needs to know that anything that he does, or anything that he asks you to do, will not be questioned.

The reason you don’t question him about where he is, where is was, or where he is going, is because you trust him.

When he knows this, it will keep him happy and keep your relationship with him in harmony.

4. Make Him Your Priority

Make your sugar daddy your priority.  Think about it. He is out working all day at whatever he does best, and when he’s ready to do something with you, you should be able to drop everything and be at his beck-and-call.

After all, this is why you are in this relationship right?

Both of you are getting some sort of benefit from this relationship, and you both knew what that was when you got into it.

He would lavish you with money, nice things, and nice getaways and you would be there for him for whatever he needs and whenever he needs it.

You’re his sugar baby.  He loves you for being by his side when he needs you the most.

Making him your priority will make him love you and respect you even more, which creates a healthy relationship for both of you.

5. Be Grateful

Don’t ever lose sight of how precious your relationship is with your sugar daddy.

Yes, he has the money to lavish everything on you, but remember to always be grateful because you never know when another woman could be just around the corner.

If your sugar daddy knows that you appreciate everything he does for you, why would he want to go anywhere else?

Gratitude is a wonderful virtue to have in today’s world where everything seems so easily available at our fingertips.

6. Respect His Privacy

I can’t stress to you enough that you will need to learn to respect his privacy.  If he doesn’t want you to know about his family, then don’t ask.

If he wants to keep some parts of his life private and away from your relationship, then let him.

7. Exercise Together / Eat Right

If there’s one thing that both of you should find time to enjoy together, it’s exercise.

Finding time to exercise can be a challenge with his busy schedule, but it will help both of you feel better physically.  You will just have to get used to working around his schedule though.

Brisk walking is a great fat burner. It won’t put a lot of stress on your joints, and it’s something that you and your partner can do while talking to each other at the same time and getting some quiet time to yourselves.

Resort to mediation and yoga.  Nothing’s better than being with yourself. Healthy people can’t live a day without it.

Special occasions and dates are fine to indulge in your favorite delicacies but make sure it doesn’t become a practice. Avoid junk and unhealthy when possible. Eating right and at the right time helps a great deal in keeping stress at bay.

Final Thoughts

The type of relationship between the sugar daddy and the sugar baby is unique.  It takes a special kind of girl to know how to keep a balanced and healthy relationship, while also maintaining her own sense of self-worth.

Being in a relationship with a sugar daddy can be challenging at times, but with some good effort and a little tender loving care, you can keep the stress and negativity away for the most part.

I’m not saying that there will never be any bad times, but to reduce the number of bad times is key to any successful relationship.