How to Plan a Romantic Trip with Your Partner

Planning some romantic for your partner itself is a great experience in itself. From planning a private dinner on the beach to executing an elaborate dream proposal, romance concierges make it their personal mission to impress guests, inspire affection, and create beautiful sweet memories. However, there are more behind-the-scenes intrigues that go into making sparks fly than you might think. Experts from all over the world suggest these following tips on how to make it happen—and how to stir up some butterflies in even the longest relationships.

Manage your expectations

Even in the best-case scenario, there will be issues. You can’t prepare for these bumps in the road, but if you’re gearing up for the best weekend ever, you’ll take the hit harder. So, keep in mind that you’re hoping for a romantic escape. That way, when trouble finds you, you can say “no big deal” and get back on track.

Plan Out Your Money in Advance

Have a direct conversation about the division of financial accountabilities before you go. Agreed it is not the most romantic thing to do, but it will save you stress when the check comes. Maybe you split everything, or your better half pays for the hotel and you’ve got the meals.

Have a Code Word

You would have annoying habits, your partner has annoying habits, and our quirks are seriously augmented in a hotel room the size which is very small. Come up with a code word for when you’re driving each other nuts. And make it amusing, like “tonsil!” Sometimes the easiest way to defuse any tension is by bringing it out into the open. This way, no one is furious, and you might even catch a free laugh.

Don’t Stuff Your Schedule

Sure, romance is alive, but you’re really going away to relax. Netflix and chill in the huge hotel bathtub! You can take that museum be there next year. If the two of you have different ideas of downtime, propose a deal, like, “I’ll hit the hotel gym in the morning while you sleep in.” Taking a little break from each other doesn’t make the weekend togetherness any less legit.

Get Out in Some Fresh Air

It’s essential to hike, bike, swim, or whatever the climate allows for. Nothing is more bewitching than playing around together in the outdoor setup, and no couple wants to miss a great outdoor experience opportunity.

Indulge in Some Couple Pampering Sessions

Who doesn’t like to be pampered? The two of you can indulge in a relaxing body massage after you are done with outdoor activities. Look for interesting spa treatments at the hotel or look around for a salon that offers interesting massages.

Turn Your Vacation into a Staycation

If you don’t feel like indulging in any outdoor activities, you can always enjoy by simply locking yourselves in the hotel room for hours, so be it. It is always recommended that you book a deluxe room with all the services and order room service – drinks, munchies and even the 4-course dinner on offer. Do not forget to hang ‘Do Not Disturb’ tag outside the door.

We made a checklist ready for the next time you want to plan a romantic trip or vacation with your spouse. Happy Tripping Guys!