How to Impress Your Sugar Daddy

By Heather P

Oct 16, 2017

Impressing your Sugar Daddy is key to building a great connection and having an overall great relationship. Depending on his personality and your comfort level, there are many different ways that you can knock his Gucci socks off!

Cigar Loving Daddy

If your Sugar Daddy is one of those sophisticated, classic men, it might be a good idea to surprise him with a nice cigar. Go to your local tobacco store and try to find him something with a blend as sweet as you are! ; ) If you can, try to get your hands on a Cuban cigar. Many of them are surprisingly inexpensive. There are many, many really good cigars that can be purchased for under $10!. You can also get him a nice lighter. Consider purchasing a Zippo lighter. They can be purchased for under $20 and can also be engraved.

Unorganized Daddy

A lot of successful men are super busy! Oftentimes, they become super cluttered or unorganized at home or in their office. Consider getting your Sugar Daddy something to make his life a little more organized and balanced. Some things you can do is surprise him with a nice spring cleaning of his home or office. You can also get him some desk, office or travel organizers to make one of those elements in his life easier and clutter free!

The Historian Daddy

A lot of men love History! If your Sugar Daddy is one of them, consider setting up a fun museum tour or spending a night watching a fun documentary. Netflix has really interesting Historical Documentaries such as “The Cuba Libre Story”. You can also play fun history games like, “Historical Charades”. If you’re feeling sweet, you can also get him a book based around one of his favorite Historical periods.

Sporty Daddy

If your Sugar Daddy loves sports, consider bringing him to a game. It doesn’t have to be a pro game and the seats don’t have to be VIP. It would be a great way to spend time with him doing something he loves. Also, consider finding out who is favorite athlete is and get him a jersey or a little poster. It would be a great way to show him that you’re interested in getting to know him more.

Bookworm Daddy

If your Sugar Daddy is a bookworm who loves to read, find his favorite classic book and read it. You’ll be able to have a stimulating conversation that he’ll surely enjoy. If possible, look for a first edition manuscript of the book. You can usually find them on EBay or in a vintage book store. He’ll be thoroughly impressed with you!

The Foodie Daddy

Who doesn’t like to eat!? If your Sugar Daddy loves food, you can impress him by whipping up one of his favorite meals. This is especially true if you’re like me. I LOVE to cook, especially for my Sugar Daddy. If you’ve impressed him with your recipes, type some of them up and put them in a cute little book for him. This way, when you’re in Saks looking for a new purse, he won’t go hungry! You can also set up a fun cooking or baking class if you’re not into cooking.

The Foreign Daddy

Oftentimes, Sugar Daddies who are not from your area live alone and don’t know many people. Most foreigners miss home. One of the sweetest thing that you can do, is give him a friendly reminder of home. You can try to convince him to take a trip home. This is difficult if he’s generally busy. You can also cook some traditional dishes from his culture, or even try to learn a few cute phrases from his native language!

What kind of Sugar Daddy do you have? How do you impress him?