How to be an Irresistible Sugar Baby

By SugarNxtDoor

Apr 22, 2018
Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably noticed an uptick in media coverage of Sugar Daddy/Sugar Baby relationships. It seems more and more Sugar Arrangements are happening these days. What’s a girl to do if she wants to be a part of the Sugar World too? The answer is to become irresistible!

Be Realistic and Down to Earth

Society’s stereotype of a typical Sugar Baby is usually a self-absorbed, entitled, materialistic b*tch. She spends her day’s shopping. Her nights are spent having crazy wild sex. Finally, her weekends are booked jet-setting to exotic beaches with millionaires. While it is true that some Sugar Babies can be that way most Sugar Daddies aren’t interested in that sort of arrangement.
While they may possess luxury vehicles, multiple vacation homes, and live jet-setting lives many SDs are searching for something which can’t be bough. This is an authentic emotional connection with a down to earth woman. What does “Down to earth” look like to most Sugar Daddies? In a nutshell, these three aspects tend to be the most important:
A Sugar Baby who isn’t expecting him to cover all of her monthly expenses + provide a monthly allowance + gifts throughout their entire arrangement

5-star dining experiences aren’t a requirement every time he asks if you’d like to try a new restaurant with him

Without complaint, you’re willing to ditch your high heels for tennis shoes, or no shoes,  if an activity calls for it.

Be Honest and Direct

Playing coy can be sexy at times. However, most Sugar Daddies want a baby who will be honest and direct. He wants to know what it is you want in an arrangement from the very beginning. Be honest and straightforward. Remember to be tactful, considerate and reasonable.

Be Attentive and Intuitive to His Needs

Chances are your Sugar Daddies daily life is usually one that is busy, stressful, and nearly impossible to break away from.  Communicate to him how you envision yourself meeting his needs. Don’t promise something you know you can’t/won’t give him. Ask him what can to expect? If he’s busy would you be willing to be the one making dinner reservations for a change, or planning next weekend’s events? Frankly speaking, your “role” is to give him the same care he’ll give to you. Care enough to fulfill that role.

Offer a Drama-Free and Safe Zone

Drama-free = Have your sh*t together. Most daddies understand your life can be stressful too. He’ll want to help alleviate some of your pressures when he can. While he enjoys meeting your needs, this doesn’t mean he wants to become your therapist, financial backer, security guard, father-figure, etc. The last thing you want to do when meeting a POT is present yourself as just another project he’ll have to take manage. Don’t be a “project SB”.

Be Genuinely Attracted to Your Sugar Daddy

In a “vanilla” relationship, or an SD/SB relationship, nobody wants to be with someone who doesn’t genuinely want them. The quickest way to turn a POT off is to come across as fake, and only interested in what he can do for you. If there aren’t any sparks felt between yourself and the POT tell him upfront. Save the both of you the trouble of starting something that certainly won’t last.

Writer’s Tip: The key to being irresistible to a POT is to be yourself! SDs that want the stereotypical caricature of an SB will surely find that on their own. Be your real self. Someone will love it… Stay true to you and hold out Sugar Babes, the best is yet to come!