Is Daddy really into you?

By Lexie

Feb 28, 2017

How does a Sugar Baby know when a Sugar Daddy isn’t only interested in her body? This can be complicated. In the Bowl emotions can feel distant due to the non-committed relationship style SeekingArrangement offers. Sometimes you might question: is Daddy really into you?

Does he treat you well?

Of course he’ll pamper you with nice outings and materialistic means, but how does he actually treat you as a person? Does he know your quirks, interests, and peculiarities? If so, then chances are he’s actually into you.

Pay attention to his body language and the subtle gestures he makes. This information can provide valuable insight into the type of person he is. Is he considerate, compassionate, and empathetic towards your wants and needs? If so he’s likely a genuine gentlemen and this is the type of man you will likely find yourself falling hard for.

Does he respect your boundaries?

Every man should respect your boundaries, especially someone you’re in an intimate relationship with. Not all men are respectful of boundaries. Some pressure for sex and will do anything and everything to get you to comply even though you’re not ready. These are not the type of men you want to become your Sugar Daddy. You deserve someone who respects who wholeheartedly as a person and if they are really into you and interested in you they will respect your boundaries.

Do you feel a strong connection?

Are you attracted to one another on a physical and emotional level? If so, then you’ve found yourself a keeper. The bond you two share is special. Even though it’s Sugar Dating, it has the potential to blossom into something more than an arrangement.

It can evolve into an actual relationship. If you find yourself really drawn to a SD, get these feelings out in the open. Then you two can discuss where the arrangement stands. Perhaps it’s grown organically from more of FWB to a full blown relationship. If this is what you both want, fantastic. If not then at least you are both on the same page.

Catching feelings isn’t what most have in mind, but it happens. Even those who can compartmentalize many facets of their lives find themselves emotionally drawn to another person and nothing can stop this from happening. Be open and honest, and remember why you are both in the Bowl.