Judge Alexis: 3 Case Caper

By Katanna

Dec 16, 2018

Seeking Court is in session, Sugars! Good, bad, or just plain boring, no one is safe from Judgement at the hands of Judge Alexis. Today we have 3 of the most horrendous cases you could imagine! A man who can’t pay, a man who wants dessert without the meal, and a girl who is just looking for a follower. Read (and watch on) as we see what the future holds for them.


The first case in our Judge Alexis series, we open with a dud of “stud” looking to hit it and quit it. Featuring Sally Swipesalot and Dudley Dunder. Sally is just a girl looking for love, but Dudley is looking for more of a Netflix and chill deal (after the first date). So, Sally took him to Seeking Court where Judge Alexis will decide both of their futures. Do you think Sally will ever find the man of her dreams? We think so, once she signs up for Seeking.com!

Plenty of Fools

Our second case is that of Dory Trout vs Larry Salmon. While they may have met on Plenty of Fools, Dory was the only one who got fooled. Larry pulled the oldest trick in the book and had Dory pay for their dinner. In Seeking Court, no one is safe from the judgment. Dory is left feeling hopeful for the future, and Larry, well, we’ll just say you’ll still see him at the bar, or should we say behind some…


Felicia seems like the whole package at first, but it turns out she’s just carrying extra baggage. The last case in our first season is that of Brad Niceguy vs Felicia Followback. Using her Scumble profile to find Finsta® followers, she only wants a guy who can get photos of her. Brad is a guy looking for love, so Judge Alexis sentences him to Seeking.com. But there was love on the courtroom floor between Brad, and the Stenographer, aka me?!