Just Your Type

By Bria Lea

Apr 10, 2018

Do you ever think about how you are attracted to someone who is similar to you or has similar looks? Sometimes, it just shows you how you can be less judgmental when dating. Maybe go for something new that you’re not used to. Maybe he’s way older or younger than you.  Consider trying a long distance relationship.

Sit and think about it. What really is your type when it comes to dating? I think that sometimes your type can change after experiences. This could be wanting something a bit more mature and receptive.  Or consider something totally new that you’ve never had before.

Become more open to the types of men that you date.

Don’t judge and when you start to talk to a new guy on SA. You never really know what they will be like or how different they could be in person. I’ve learned the importance in keeping the type of guys that you like to be more open-minded. When you are less judgmental and more true to yourself, you can attract the right kind of Sugar Daddy in your life.

The Friend

The friend is always the guy that you meet and you just automatically friendzone him. This is most likely because you don’t see yourself being in a relationship with him. Most commonly because you don’t want him like that. The friend is the type of guy that is there for you, that is nice and supportive. You don’t find yourself wanting to sugar or be in a committed relationship with him.

The friend also has the potential of becoming more than just friends but this only happens if they really keep your attention. He will do things for you. Also, he puts in more effort in a different kind of way. Sometimes it’s better to start off as just friends because you see another side of them. Then if it progresses from there, you see how they treat you differently. SB’s, let the friend pursue you and let it come to you.

The Real Daddy

The type of guy who had kids, is married or divorced and is just looking for something on the side. You’ll get this on SeekingArrangement. If this is something that you’ve never had before and want to try it out do it. Do so with the positive outlook of seeking how he might be older and more mature in a way. The real daddy is someone who probably likes younger woman. Because he has kids and a career he is someone who likes to spoil you and take you on vacations. He most likely wants to get away from things and be with his Sugar Baby.

Someone New 

Don’t you ever just want to meet someone new and start fresh? Yes, this is totally possible on SA. Meeting someone new that isn’t your usual type online can happen in minutes and it just takes the willingness to respond to a like or message or to reach out to a new person.

I think that the true fearlessness in dating comes through not being fearful of meeting new people, staying true to yourself, and knowing that you can raise the standards. If you don’t necessarily have a “type” of guy that you look for and are open minded, then using SA is just the right way to find someone new that goes well with you.

Someone new could be an older guy, a sugar veteran, newbie, or one who is just way different than what you are used to.

Maybe this someone new will be just the kind of guy that you have always wanted and needed, someone who provides, is supportive, and nice.

You never know who you could meet, where, or when. It’s all just a matter of being able to connect and understand one another.

I think that after meeting so many guys and sometimes not even needing to meet them in person, you find what is your type and what you like.

It’s all about being able to have good conversations, connect, and be communicative. Just your type may be someone who is similar to you in ways or someone who is totally opposite from you. It’s all a matter of knowing what you like in a guy and being able to attract that, letting it come to you and being confident in yourself without having to try too hard.