Keep Your Daddies Close

By Brook

Mar 05, 2016

In any work or networking relationship it’s best that things end on a positive note, in case you need a reference or job down the road. The same goes for the relationship you build with any long-term Sugar Daddy, or even just a great Potential Sugar Daddy that never quite made it to “official” status. Remember to always keep your Daddies close, even after the flame burns out.

The Write-off

Many women, whether through the Sugar Bowl or while looking for traditional relationships, are quick to “write off” a man who isn’t giving her everything she wants in that moment. In the Sugar Bowl they’re outcasted as “Salt Daddies” or in the vanilla world, “lazy douche-bags”. Sure, you’ll come across the pic-hoarders or the men who just want to Netflix and chill, ultimately proving they have no desire to treat a Sugar Baby how she deserves.

But some men are real but hesitant, and like all Babies on their first big POT date, unsure of what they want out of the relationship. This is no reason to be rude or cut-throat and shame them out of your life.

The “Perfect” Man

I recently had a conversation with a friend who called me over to console her after a phone call from her latest beau. I assumed he said some harsh things, because when I arrived she was an emotional mess. But when I asked if he was a douche-bag she exclaimed “No! Not at all. He said I was amazing and everything he wanted, and that he was disappointed he couldn’t be what I wanted right now. It was horrible!”

I couldn’t help but laugh at how upset she was over having a man say such great things about her and their brief time together. It turns out he was just too focused on work to put the effort into building a relationship with her, despite how much he likes her. Of course, some men say this as a cop-out for commitment, but some are truly just too busy. He has a great job, and having met this man in person I could tell he was truly a great guy.

Mind you, this is a vanilla friend of mine who can’t bring herself to date to the degree I choose to, but my advice was all the same. Stay friendly, check in with him in a month or so and do your own thing in the meantime. If he asks you to dinner on a rare free night he has, go! Don’t hold a grudge because he can’t be everything to you. To address the opposite end of the spectrum as well – don’t let him turn you into a booty call! The sex stops when the actual courtship stops. Only accept genuine invitations for a fun night out or opportunity to “catch up.” This shows him that you’re dedicated to what you want, but sensible enough to keep it cool.

Stay Sweet

The number 1 quality of any A+ Sugar Baby is sweetness! Accept your role in the conversation to always be the sweet, flirtatious, and a friendly ear. You can easily stand your ground without letting things get nasty. From my personal experience, and from others I’ve seen and known in the Bowl, you never know when that man could get his next promotion or big break, and you want him to think of you fondly in hindsight and wonder if you’re still available for that great dinner or celebratory trip.

Don’t forget that even a Sugar relationship is still a relationship! Whether you fall in love or just become great friends, there is a connection built there with someone you may need to gently lean on in the future or rekindle a romance with.