Keeping in Touch with a Sugar Daddy

By Danielle

Jan 26, 2018

The sugar bowl naturally involves a lot of beginnings and a lot of endings. Whether it’s ending an arrangement or simply a POT date not working out, there are many times a Sugar Baby might be hurt and tempted to burn bridges. She may want to lash out and say something to get a reaction. However, it’s so important not to go about it this way, and it can be very beneficial to keep in touch.

Unexpected Benefits

You never know what will happen in the bowl. There have been several occasions in which staying friendly with a POT or former SD has led to unexpected positive outcomes for me. In one instance, a POT and I didn’t initially agree on an allowance. We decided to part ways, but we stayed on good terms. After about a month, the POT turned around and said he was willing to meet me at my desired allowance because he wasn’t having luck with other SBs. We went on to have a great arrangement. If I had been rude to him and balked that his offer was too low, I highly doubt this would have happened.

When I moved across the country, my old SD and I decided to remain friends. We regularly email each other with movie recommendations or funny memes and links. Now, whenever one of us is in the other’s town, we get together and it’s like the arrangement never ended. There are benefits for both of us.

I had a few dates with another POT, who ultimately decided the sugar lifestyle just wasn’t for him. But we got on really well, so we stayed in touch as friends with the occasional text or email. Since then he’s offered me financial help a few times when it came up that I was struggling. Furthermore, I found a new friend!


That brings me to my next point. The sugaring world introduces you to people you would probably never otherwise meet. Someone who can offer a different perspective. Sometimes it’s nice to have a friend who isn’t involved with the rest of your life. Someone you can confide things in that you wouldn’t tell your other friends or family. The wisdom that SDs can offer is invaluable. Plus, sometimes we need mature, rational advice from someone who isn’t a parent in order to really take it to heart!


It’s always helpful to have successful, influential men in your life, whether it be for advice or networking. If you’re looking for a job or a new apartment, they may be able to connect you with people that can help. Since they know a lot of wealthy people, they may even be able to help you find an SD if you just weren’t the right match for them. On the other hand, if you’re rude, he might put the word out there to fellow SDs.

When Not to Stay in Touch

We all know that there are also some shady people in the sugar bowl. If you go out with a POT who is disrespectful, controlling, a scammer, or an all-around unpleasant person, feel free to discontinue all communication. No need to be overly polite here.
However, often you just have differences in expectations or there isn’t that initial spark. In this case, keep the communication flowing. You never know what it might lead to. Worst case scenario, nothing comes of it, but you’ll have the knowledge that you handled the situation in a mature, positive way. This is a good skill to develop in both the sugar bowl and in life in general.