7 Ways You Are Failing At Communication

By Julia Jones

May 28, 2019

When it comes to any kind of relationship, it’s all about making sure that you two can talk about anything and everything. But sadly a lot of the time, people are scared to talk about something, and it leaves a gap in that relationship, a gap that grows into something much bigger than that and something that can leave both you and your daddy feeling like the relationship is falling apart. Which is why it is so important for you to make sure that you and daddy communicate well.

It’s Not Just About the Big Stuff

I mean, how are you going to be able to talk about the big stuff if you can’t even talk about little things that are going on? It’s important to make sure that the two of you can talk about the little things, the small parts of your day to day life, otherwise you’re going to be stuck not being able to talk about major issues when they arise- that is why it’s so important to keep that small communication steady.

Talk About How You Don’t Communicate

It sounds like such an odd thing to say, but have you ever been talking to someone about the size of something and you two both disagree. Maybe you thought it was small and they thought it was large? Either way, it’s okay that you both feel that way; but those types of things can cause a lot of miscommunication so it’s important to realize that they do happen and point out when it arises.

Listen, Don’t Just Wait To Respond

We all know that we’re supposed to make sure we’re listening when someone is talking to us but a lot of the time we get so caught up in waiting to respond that we forget to actually process what the other person is saying. And that makes them feel like we don’t care enough to actually listen to what they have to say.

Make Sure You are Both Feeling Appreciated

When it starts to feel like things are taking a turn for the worse, it’s important to make sure that our partner knows they are appreciated otherwise they will start to feel like they aren’t and in turn will start to feel like they don’t need to appreciate us, and then it just turns into a cycle.

Use Examples

Don’t bring up the past to throw it in their face, but if something happened that made you feel a certain way use it as an example when you two are talking about things and use it as a way to focus on how that exact thing made you feel so that there is some real-life context for you both to be able to work with.

It’s Okay to Use Social Media to Express Yourself

Just don’t do it in a way everyone can see! But there is something to be said for sending a message, a text, or an email if you’re having trouble voicing your thoughts- just remember that they could read your tone of voice differently than how you mean it to come out.

It’s Not About Placing Blame

Remember that communicating about issues you’re facing is not about placing blame. It’s about finding a way to fix the issue before it gets worse. Don’t focus on placing blame or how the other person is making you feel (because that in a way places blame) but instead focus on a way to make sure that these feelings don’t keep coming back so that you two are able to move past it?

Does it seem like you always disagree with what they say? Find a way to explore what they mean, or at least get them talking about it so you don’t have to voice the disagreement.