Let’s Talk Housing

By Julia Jones

Mar 31, 2019

One way for a Sugar Daddy to take care of his baby is for him to help cover housing. While it’s not commonly known, it’s an interesting option to be explored for anyone in a long term arrangement. However, there are quite a few things to consider before you jump into anything. Or even ask a POT to pay for your living or you offer to pay for your POTs living if you’re a daddy.

It’s a great investment for a daddy to own an extra place

A new house is an awesome way for a daddy to invest his money! He can rent it out when he doesn’t have a sugar baby staying there or he can just use it as a way to boost his net worth. Either way, when it comes down to it, if a daddy can afford a new house it is never a bad idea to get one- right?

You should both make sure a sugar baby has their needs covered if things go badly

It’s important to make sure that if things do not go well (which hopefully is not the case!) the sugar baby has their needs covered. What will happen if you two break up? How long will the sugar baby have to get their things in order? Will they be charged rent or will they have to find a new place overall?

Make sure you both talk about things before moving forward with a sugar baby moving into her daddy’s place and make sure you both have it in writing so that there can’t be any confusion if things go south.

Will this be the sugar babies place? Or will you two be living together?

Whose name is going to be on the bills? Will you both be living together or is this going to be the sugar babies place? If you two are living together, that’s a whole other list of conversations to go over, but before deciding what you need to talk about, figure out what the plan is for the place. And if it is going to be just the babies, it’s important that they honestly feel like it is their place and not like it may be held against them at any time.

How much will be covered and what will the baby have to cover?

Speaking of bills… is daddy covering all the bills or just the rent? Will the sugar baby have to take care of the power and everything else? It’s important to cover your bases before you two get involved with each other so that everything is laid out up front.

What about any parking fees or what if your place doesn’t have access to free laundry? Will daddy help with things like making sure the house is well stocked with food or will that be something his sugar baby will have to take care of?

Is there anything on top of the housing?

And this includes if there will be anything on top of the daddy covering anything else? It’s important to make sure that you two talk about it. Will he cover any moving costs that you might need taken care of? Will daddy be helping with anything you need around the house like a new table or couch?

What about an allowance? Is that something that may happen over the course of time or will the housing be the only thing that your sugar daddy will be covering? Well, it’s important to ask lots of questions so that they don’t come up randomly and so they don’t cause any disagreements.