Long Distance Arrangements

By Rachel

Oct 20, 2015

Long distance relationships can be exhausting, unless of course it’s with a Sugar Daddy. We are such visual beings that ultimately anything out of sight eventually becomes out of mind. Luckily, your Sugar Daddy isn’t your boyfriend, and if you have a fat allowance coming and a shopping spree with him next weekend, you will make the efforts necessary to keep him coming back to you for more! Here are some tips for making long distance arrangements work.

Avoid Excessive Communication

Remember you are in an arrangement, which is a special kind of relationship. If he didn’t text you “good morning beautiful” that doesn’t mean you can go on a rampage. Most people feel as if they have to make up for distance by constant communication. You two don’t have to communicate 12 hours a day to keep the relationship going. Remember: less is more. It isn’t about spamming — you are only going to exhaust yourself or chase him off.

Talk Dirty

As much as you may want to tell him the mundane things that happened to you today (save that for you friends), give him something he really wants. Men like to be stimulated and intrigued. They like the interesting. Remember he isn’t your typical guy. With his bevy of hot Sugar Babies to choose from, you simply need to remind him why he chose you. Send a sexy photo with a simple “can’t wait to see you” text. Only do things you are comfortable with, if sexting isn’t for you, then send him an elegant photo of you out around the town trying a new spot that you can’t wait to show him next time he is in town. Bottom line is, keep it simple and interesting.

Know His Schedule, Plan Accordingly

It’s important to know when your Sugar Daddy is available. You don’t want to interrupt him during a conference call, or at dinner with his wife (if he’s married). Ask him the best times to reach him and make it clear you respect his busy days. He will appreciate you being mature and accommodating. This is essential when living in different time zones. Get creative with how you communicate and don’t be afraid to schedule a video chat either.

Snail Mail is Still Hot

Believe it or not in this world of emojis and social media, people still like mail. Yes, old fashion need-a-stamp type mail. Nothing throws a person off like receiving a handwritten, personalized letter amongst endless advertisements and bills. Why? Because writing a letter takes time and thoughtfulness, something millennials sometimes struggle with. Thank him for his last visit, or just wish him a great week. Small gestures contribute to the bigger picture of a long-term arrangement, or maybe even a bigger allowance.

Set Boundaries and Expectations

When nailing down an arrangement with a long-term Sugar Daddy it’s important to discuss frequency. How often will you visit? How often does he plan to come out? It’s important especially if he is contributing to your bills being paid or monthly allowances being deposited. Just because he is long distance doesn’t mean you screw up your end of the bargain. Those kind of Babies give Sugar a bad name. An arrangement is an agreement, and in this case it’s mutually sweet for both parties involved. Communicate boundaries. With everything out on the table, distance will only enrich the experience.

If you are smart, you will use Sugar dating as an enrichment to your life, not center your life around it. No matter the distance, use your arrangement to gain experience, mentorship, and knowledge that will last far beyond anything monetary. Money comes and goes. It builds empires and can also crumble them.