Maintaining Multiple Sugar Daddies

By Keillen

Nov 22, 2016

Considering having multiple Sugar Daddies? Let us consider some points to keep in mind if you’re thinking about having more than one source of Sugar. 

Entering the Sugar Bowl is exciting. You create your profile, the messages start flowing in, the dates start getting booked and soon enough, you have your first arrangement. I think it’s inevitable that every Sugar Baby considers whether or not she would like to have more than one Sugar Daddy at a time. There are many variables to keep in mind, so here are a few tips for maintaining multiple Sugar Daddies.

Your Motivation for Having Multiple Sugar Daddies

Sugar is sweet. Having your needs taken care of is wonderful and adds to a stress free lifestyle – so why not add another Daddy? It is important to understand why you want more than one Sugar Daddy.

Do you desire more luxuries, more attention, more financial support, and more intimacy? Maybe you want to get as much out of your time in the Sugar Bowl as possible. Perhaps you see it as more of a seasonal and not a lifetime goal. None of these reasons is better than the other. Every Sugar Baby has her own Sugar objective.

So now you’ve zoned in on why you want more than one Sugar Daddy…great! With this decision comes added responsibilities, time commitments, and the willingness to be honest with yourself and any other Daddies you bring into your Sugar world.

Respecting Your Daddy and Subsequent Daddies

After talking with several experienced Sugar Daddies, every single one of them said the same thing. They would want to know if their Sugar Baby had another Sugar Daddy on the side.

Their reasons ranged from not wanting to share their Baby with another man, (ironic since many are having Sugar Babies on the side of their marriage)to knowing whether or not there was a chance they could be exposed to STDs and possibly jeopardize their relationships or marriages. All very valid reasons to be transparent and open with your primary Sugar Daddy when you decide to take on an additional Sugar Daddy.

Sharing His Sugar Baby

Many Sugar Daddies don’t want their baby to be with anyone else. On the flip side, there are Daddies that find this to be a good thing for a variety of reasons. They may find it sexually enticing to think of their Baby with another man. Or, more pragmatically, they could feel guilt-free if things fell apart between them, as she would have a backup Daddy.

A problem that could arise is the primary Daddy’s possible concern that he would lose his ‘priority’ place or time with his Sugar Baby to another Daddy.

If you take another Sugar Daddy and your first Daddy is ok with this, it is important to make sure you respect your primary Daddy’s time. Don’t cancel or change your scheduled time together, don’t text or call other daddies when you’re with him, etc. Be respectful.

Being respectful of your primary Sugar Daddy’s time and attention also means respecting his health, and yours.

Keeping Everyone Safe and Healthy

It’s common sense to protect yourself sexually when establishing a relationship. Once time has passed and the arrangement is solid, many Daddies and Babies tend to forgo condoms and protection. One needs to remember, however, that while you’re only sleeping with your Sugar Daddy, he may be sleeping with another Sugar Baby.

If you bring another Sugar Daddy into the picture, the chances for something nasty to transfer increases, thereby putting everyone at risk. Bottom line (no pun intended): if you have more than one Sugar Daddy, do everyone a favor, including yourself, and use protection all of the time. Remember – you may not be the only one with more than one partner.


There is a lot to be mindful of when considering having or actually having multiple Sugar Daddies. If you’re a Sugar Baby who is willing to be open and candid with her Sugar Daddy; respect his needs, schedule, and feelings; and maintain consistent safe sex practices then go for it! Enjoy double dipping into the Sugar Bowl! May everyone’s life be sweeter!