What Makes Someone Become a Sugar Daddy?

By David Montrose

Jun 14, 2017

I don’t pretend to be a psychologist but based on my experience as a Sugar Daddy I can offer a bit of insight as to what drives men to engage in this lifestyle. In fact, I remember a young lady asking me this very question on our first date ‘Dave why did you decide to become a sugar daddy, instead of just traditional dating?’ There could be a number of different reasons. Let’s take a look into what makes someone become a Sugar Daddy.


Not So Secret Admirer

Some men seek to be admiration. They just want a pair of eyes to look at them admiringly for their status in life. Perhaps they are not getting enough of that sort of attention elsewhere (at work or at home) so they seek to compensate for it in Sugar dating


Prince Charming Seeking Cinderella

Some me have the ‘white knight’ syndrome.  They just see a young person in some type of financial need and they take it upon themselves. They want to help out and be as generous as they can


Sugar A La Carte

Some men just want variety: Consider that the average Sugar Daddy is in their 40s or 50s. Perhaps they belong to the members of their generation that got married during or right after college.  Not many folks would do that nowadays. After 20 years of marriage their wives now call them old nags. They feel unappreciated. So they figure “why not fund the ambitions of a younger lady, spend some time with her, and at the same time escape the monotony”


Bucket List

Some just want to party. Some of us do have a healthy sexual appetite. They want to engage with many different partners. Some may even have a bucket list of scenarios or fantasies they want to explore.  Sometimes all the long hours and hard work at the office gets to us. We just want a bit of a distraction. So then Sugar dating might become a true arrangement of convenience .”You help me fulfill some fantasies I always wanted and in return I will fund your shoe fetish”.


The Big Boss

There is one more type, which you may want to avoid if you run into the.  It is the type that just feels they are superior to everyone else. If you spend any time with him he will start thinking of you as if you are part of his staff. He may treat you in a condescending manner. So you will have to decide if that’s worth the material benefits you are getting out of the arrangement

Knowing all of the above types of men that have decided to venture into Sugar dating, you can now decide what type is the one you have just met. And more importantly, by understanding his motivations you can adapt your own style and get as much as possible out of the relationship