How to Manage a Long-Distance Arrangement

By Ivy Babe

Nov 08, 2017

It’s not unheard of to have a Daddy who lives several cities, or even states, away. It might be because you live in an area without many quality Daddies or because your Daddy lives in an area without many quality Babies. Whatever the reason, deciding to enter a long-distance sugar arrangement can be oh so sweet! Here’s how to manage a long-distance arrangement.

Be Smart

If a POT reaches out to you from out of state, make sure that what he’s proposing makes sense. First of all, a long-distance sugar arrangement is *not* an online relationship. Either you’ll visit him (on his dime, of course) or he’ll visit you. Anyone who wants to pay you thousands of dollars a month just to ‘talk’ is most likely a scammer and is not serious about the sugar bowl. Second, look at your locations. The overwhelming majority of the time, a Daddy who reaches out to you from out of state either has frequent business travel in your area or lives in a city that isn’t a sugar hotspot. If a Daddy lives in a major sugar city, like Los Angeles or New York, and is reaching out to you, several states away, you have to wonder why he didn’t choose one of the tens of thousands of beautiful and bright local Babies. Be wary of salt.

First Meet

You’ve chatted a bit online and determined that there’s potential for real chemistry. Now what? While a busy Daddy might prefer to fly you out to him for regular visits once you’re in an arrangement, a serious Daddy will *always* come to you for the first meet. A serious Daddy values your safety and understands that trust needs to be built during a first meet on your home territory in order for you to fly to an unfamiliar place. If you choose to ignore this advice, never pay your own way for a first meet in a Daddy’s town and never travel somewhere without the means to pay for your own lodging and flight back if things go bad.

Handling Travel

The Daddy’s travel went well, arrangement terms have been set, and it’s time to travel to Daddy. It’s often greatly appreciated to volunteer to book your own travel (for reimbursement, of course). Cash doesn’t like a paper trail the way that booking your travel will, so discreet Daddies might not be comfortable otherwise. Daddy is also busy and the arrangement should make his life easier, not give him one more scheduling thing to do. The easier you make your long distance arrangement for Daddy, the likelier it is to last. Finally, booking your own travel means you can make travel arrangements that are convenient for you. Don’t forget to sign up for frequent flier rewards, ladies!

Between Visits

You won’t be seeing Daddy as often as a local baby would if you’re out of state. Instead of biweekly dates for a few hours, you might have bimonthly visits for a few days. To make sure that out of sight isn’t out of mind, keep up communication between visits. Depending on your Daddy’s communication frequency preferences, you can stay in touch by share interesting articles with him or texting him naughty photos with a ‘thinking of you.’ Since each visit is a greater financial investment than a usual date, make sure to keep every moment of your time sweet and drama-free. If you keep Daddy happy, the sky is the limit!

Be Ready

This is true for any sugar arrangement, but all the more true for a long distance arrangement. Even if you do your best to keep Daddy happy, the arrangement could end at any time. He could decided it’s getting too expensive or meet a local Baby who’s more convenient. Make sure you’re saving part of your allowance. Stay self-sufficient with at least a part-time job outside of sugar. That way if your arrangement ends it isn’t the end of the world. Happy sugaring!