The Millennial Sugar Daddy

By Lexie

Mar 24, 2017

If you’re looking for a young, hot, and wealthy man then the millennial sugar Daddy is for you. Many millennial men are entering the sugar dating scene because they are tired of the games in traditional dating. They don’t want to play the courting ritual just to be strung along and ghosted. He likely will not have a lot of time to dedicate in spending time with you, as he’s very focused on his career aspirations. Many Babies think the millennial Daddy will be super salty. However some are loaded with a lot of sweetness to share! He’s likely a trust fund baby or came to acquire new money from a company he’s built from scratch. Either way the millennial Daddy has a lot of energy and money to spoil, pamper, and support.

Communicating With A Millennial Daddy

Most older Daddies are not heavily involved in social media. The younger millennial Daddy is likely active in the social media world. His Instagram feed is filled with photos of luxurious worldwide travels, the restaurants he dines at, and the people he encounters along the way. He’s a busy man who wants a gorgeous girl by his side, a partner in crime if you will. Dates with him will feel like normal dating, except the experience will be far more extravagant. Some, not all, millennial Daddies are looking for a woman that could potentially become a wife, after all many have friends who are settling down and having kids.

He Owns A Luxury Condo In The City

Even though he’s a young one this Daddy is not living at home with his parents or crammed into an apartment with roommates. Netflix and chill just got a whole lot better. He has the means to afford his own posh place and he’s proud of his accomplishments. If you and the millennial Daddy hit it off you’ll get to enjoy a taste of his upscale lifestyle. It’s likely this Daddy will be working a lot so you won’t be seeing much of him. If you can handle his heavy workload then this won’t be a problem at all. He’s likely too busy to be dating around anyways so keep that in mind. He’ll make sure you are well fed and well dressed. Needless to say he loves taking care of you so long as you take care of him.

He Likely Wants Space

The millennial Daddy wants space so make sure you respect it. If you can clearly see he’s focused extensively on his work then be respectful and understanding of this. The reason he is seeking a Sugar Baby as a 20 or 30 something  is because most women his age cannot deal with his workaholic lifestyle, therefore he’s turning to a more suitable alternative. He’s going to greatly appreciate you if you understand work comes first and foremost. Be his cheerleader, source of emotional support, and praise him for the hard work he does. He is helping support your sweet lifestyle after all.