Do Not Fall In Love with a Daddy

By Sasha Foxx

May 24, 2019

What I realized in this world is nothing is certain, one day you are swimming in daddies, one day you are wondering if you will ever meet one again.

Then one day….

You do meet someone. You fall for that someone….
You think because everything was prediscussed and there is a true connection that you can hopelessly rush into things without any abandon.

But, ah we must remember, when money is involved it gives the man the entitlement to end things whenever they see fit.

Without any explanation.

You got what you originally asked for didn’t you?

Why explain when they can just run the other way and sleep comfortably knowing your rent was at least paid.

F*ck your feelings and the even deeper issues of self-worth they have carved into you!

Never rely on a daddy….

And most certainly never sit in his lovely apartment with a big lovely glass of wine as he smothers you in those lovely kisses and tells you he adores you and that you are safe.

Because you are far from safe.

You must keep your guard. Be your own boss. Never attach yourself to any outcome.

This is not Cinderella’s fairytale and you are definitely not Cinderella.

I am not saying don’t have feelings.

Feelings are what makes the sex more intense.

Feelings are paramount to a successful mutually beneficial arrangement.

Trust accumulated more and more after each meeting is beautiful and a necessary transition.

But remember, this transition is also a transaction.

Not just financially but emotionally.

And transactions, once they have been made, do not have to happen again.

You can buy something once, then decide not to buy it again, or go for a different brand.

Please do not let this affect your self-worth in any way.

ANYONE who is emotionally stable and self-satisfied would be able to go into a bar and pick up a girl or jump on Tinder.

But no, this guy contacted you from a Sugar site.

And he thinks he can put his finger in many pies (literally) and not have to suffer any emotional consequences simply because he helped you with your rent, took you for a nice meal, showed ‘the poor student’ a good time.


Or you will be like me, sitting by the phone, waiting for him to realize there is no other girl out there like me.

That at any moment he will come running back.

He won’t.

I can promise you that.